CNN – 7 Emerging Careers – Home Staging #1!!!!

This is great news for those of us already in the business and those who are thinking about it. Think no more!!! While this is a USA stat, Canada is always close behind. For the entire article go to this link:


By Rachel Zupek writer

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In today’s uncertain job market, even the jobs once marked as “recession-proof” are not as safe as we thought. So where should you focus your job search? Several trends — existing and emerging — continue to drive job growth and creation throughout the United States. Developments in technology, health care, environmentalism and globalization, as well as current trends in the economy are clearing the path for several cutting-edge careers to surface.

If you’re in the market for a new job, here are seven emerging careers that are making a mark and poised for growth in the coming years. Please note that salary and job growth information is not collected for all positions because of the size and awareness of each job.

1. Home Stager
The real-estate market is not what it used to be and homes are taking longer to sell. Potential buyers usually decide how much they like a property by picturing their own possessions in the house. That’s not always easy if the home is cluttered with unattractive décor and furnishings. House stagers work with real-estate agents and their clients to improve the appearance of their home and make it more appealing for potential buyers.
Industry umbrella: Interior design
Job growth: N/A
Salary: Most stagers are self-employed and set their own fees. Prices may vary from $75 for an initial consultation to $500 for staging an entire house.

Very good news indeed and we have gone from a ‘buyer’s market’ to a ‘seller’s’ market these past few months.

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