Green Apple Staging at the Calgary Realestate Board Tradeshow

GreenApple Staging & Images at the Calgary Real EstateBoard Tradeshow

The Calgary Real Estate Board Conference and Tradeshow event was held on January 20th.  GreenApple Staging & Images was proud and excited to be an exhibitor, among approximately 100 others, all contributing to the theme, “A Brave New World”.

The GreenApple team had a great time mingling with both the attendees and other exhibitors. We had tons of traffic at our booth and got a chance to meet so many hardworking and forward thinking Realtors.

There is definitely an increased interest this year in Home Staging, professional Real estate Photography, and pre-market Consultations as part of an individual Agent’s marketing package. All part of the new economy. I believe these strategies are not just trends — they are definitely here to stay as our society continues to emphasize visual media.

It wasn’t all business! We had some fun, too, with our visitors . . .

Oh, and would you believe that every single lunch kit at the event contained nothing other than a green apple?!

Our booth was staged with our brand colors — black, white and apple green, of course — and we were happily surprised that GreenApple was declared one of the top 3 Staging Exhibitors! All were tied with an Honorable Mention for booth design and service. I was told by the judges that they just couldn’t choose between us.
Not bad for our first showing — we’ll take it!

We also held a draw and have given away a Pre-Market Consultation package and an MLS Photography Package. When I called the winners today, they were thrilled and are eager to apply these services to their next listing.

It’ll be all work and no play for awhile, as the “Spring” real estate season seems well underway already in Calgary. But that is exactly what we bargained for!

Thanks to everyone who visited us at the event, and all of those others who supported us in other ways.  We appreciate it!

Deena Cottingham Owner of GreenApple Staging

Deena Cottingham & her team of GreenApple Staging

Fabulous 'Staged' Booth at Calgary Tradeshow

Fabulous 'Staged' Booth at Calgary Tradeshow

Designing Spacez – Calgary Real Estate Board Tradeshow

The Designing Spacez team felt the tradeshow went really well!  Lots of interest in real estate staging which is great.  They received a lot of postive feedback about what they offer for services, booth presentation, etc…

This was Designing Spacez 1st year in the CREB Forecast.  Designing Spacez is a Calgary based company and is a one stop shop, offering a varitey of services that include real estate staging, interior design and redesign, color consultation- provided by Janet Voth and her team and full construction Divison which is ran by Mike Voth (owner).

Designing Spacez Calgary Tradeshow January 2010

Designing Spacez a local Calgary company.  Please check them out at

‘Amy Adams in LEAP YEAR is a STAGER!!!!

Home Staging is still relatively new in Canada and we are making major inroads to having both realtors and home sellers realize the value that we bring to the selling of their home. It is a proven statistic that staged homes do sell SOONER and for MORE MONEY than unstaged homes. We know this to be true.

But to see the leading lady (Amy Adams)  in a first run Hollywood movie LEAP YEAR, staging a vacant condo in Boston this says to me we have finally made it !!! We are considered bona-fide professionals.

In a local radio station was running an ad for a software accounting package and they used a home stager as an example. This is very very good news – the word is getting out there. !

TIPS for PRES Members at Trade Shows

Throughout the year many of the PRES members are participating in industry related trade shows. Here are a few TIPS for anyone who is participating in a trade show:

Stay tuned throughout the year as we post photos of some of the 2010 trade show successes with our PRES members.

  • Set up a budget for the trade show which includes the booth cost, advertising in the show directory, your stage set up costs, electrical costs, internet connection costs if you are using this,  some shows you need to purchase carpet, some you need to do flooring and walls so make sure you know what is expected of you – read over the contract carefully
  • Make sure there are at least 2 people in the booth so that you can spell each other off for dinner or other breaks
  • Wear really comfortable shoes and bring a few pairs to change into – most flooring is concrete so that is not so good to stand on all day
  • Create a stunning vignette in your booth that represents your ability as a stager to stage this scene – do a cozy living room vignette with 2 chairs, lamp, table, small carpet, cushions, accessories, or try a bedroom look that says WOW!
  • Stand in front of your booth never inside so people have to come in to you – be very approachable and chat with people as they come by
  • Have lots of wrapped candies (chocolate seems to be the favourite) to give out
  • Have plenty of small give-aways like nail files, measuring tapes, pens, etc
  • Have 1 GRAND PRIZE DRAW and make people fill out your entry form – be sure to ask for their name, phone, address, email and what their biggest challenges are in their homes
  • You can also add a request for them to check off if they would like to receive your monthly emails – this way when you follow up they will know who you are (privacy issues)
  • FOLLOW UP is the name of the game here – after all your time, money and energy that you will have put into the show you want to get clients from it – so follow up with a phone call to them (email 2nd but phone first)
  • FOLLOW UP you can offer specials to people who attended the show in a variety of ways: 20% staging their home, 10% off product if they buy your inventory, Special Show Promotion $200 off their redesign or staging job, etc etc – be creative
  • HAVE FUN while you are doing this and make notes after about what worked best, what you would do differently next time

Trade shows are a great way to market your business and they provide the opportunity for the public to get to know you and your company. Choose ones that attract your target market.

Looking for a home stager who knows what she is doing?

Many people wonder how a 5 day PRES professional home staging & redesign course can prepare a home stager and/or redesigner to help them with selling their house. Well the answer is simple – the majority of new stagers and/or redesigners have been doing staging, redesign, decorating for years either for themselves or for friends.The difference is – up to now they have done it for FREE!

PRES stagers & redesigners just starting out may be new to seeing themselves as highly successful business women or men, but in fact this is the goal. Taking a professional course is a way of showing the public that they have invested time, money and energy into themselves to get credentials to do the work. They have taken written and hands-on tests to become certified and must uphold the PRES code of ethics when working in the industry.

So if you are looking for a great stager to help you sell your house, you have come to the right place! If you are moving in or just need to refresh the look of your home then check out our fabulous PRES stagers and redesigners.

Other services and experience some of the PRES stagers have could be in the areas of home renovations, home remodelling, home improvements, home decorating and home styling, colour consultations, sourcing for purchasing new furnishings or rentals.

Check them out under our Locate A Stager page

Stay tuned as we will be featuring our PRES Stagers throughout the year!