Urban Barn a Great Fit For Stager, Sally Weatherley

Sally Weatherley of Exit Stage Right bumped into fellow PRES member Irene Huva of Interior Deco at the Vancouver Urban Barn Red Sofa Event. Sally said she had the best time at Urban Barn and loves their new look. Urban Barn’s furniture style matches Exit Stage Right’s home staging style: Contemporary, comfortable, unpretentious, sophisticated, reasonably priced. This is a perfect look for the young urban target market buyer, particularly for condos.

After 20 years, the flagship furniture store has had a complete make over, and now has a clean, contemporary look. The store decided to reconfigure their furniture pieces in order to display them as if they were sitting in an actual room. Small vignettes are found all around the store, so that buyers can imagine how pieces of furniture would be displayed in their home. As a home stager Sally can relate!!!

To celebrate the re-opening of their new and improved store, Urban Barn literally rolled out the red carpet and invited the local design community. There was a real creative buzz as invitees commented favourably on the space and its contents. There was also a write up in the Vancouver Sun today regarding Urban Barn’s successful event.

As a Vancouver home stager and owner of Exit Stage Right, Sally has purchased many items at Urban Barn, usually accessories, artwork, lamps and side tables. She had been lusting after a particular coffee table for awhile now. It is made up of interesting overlapping circles, and is the perfect size for staging a condo. To her extreme delight, the furniture designer and General Merchandise Manager for Urban Barn, Sebastien Fauteux, was also in attendance. She had an interesting conversation with him, learning how he worked the cardboard mock-up for the coffee table, at the manufacturer in Thailand, before arriving at the delicious finished product.

Another highlight of the evening was listening the handsome, uber cool CEO and President of Urban Barn, Rick Bohonis. His message was that it’s time to change, but not change the product. It is just a question of making the product stand out more. Celebrity designer, Janette Ewan also discussed some of the green aspects of Urban Barn’s furniture, and also pointed out her favourite sofa, and mine, the elegant, Hollywood chic Moma sofa.

Sally & Irene

Urban Barn's New Look!

It was fun transforming a young active family home for selling!

Getting a home ready for selling is a very big job. Once a home seller realizes this and hires a home stager to do the work we do best,a huge amount of stress drops away. Sellers can then focus on what they need to do to get ready for the move.

This home is typical of a young, active family home. It was cluttered with everyday living items, toys, games, bowls, chairs, etc. The home owners did a terrific job in doing their pre-pack and cleared out everything except what they needed for daily living.

With a little bit of inventory and some of their own bedding used in different ways, we created a peaceful and inviting guest bedroom. The faux headboard was created by wrapping 2 pillows inside a throw! The children’s room still needed to be functional for them, but with just some moving of furniture around the space became much bigger and more serviceable.

PRES members Sharon Charboneau of Up Staging Your Homes, Irene Huva of Interio Deco and Cheryl Grattan of With Flair Home Staging & Redesign did a fantastic job helping stage this home. We had a lot of fun but then again to us, this is what staging is all about.

The home seller and her realtor were thrilled with the results. Open House this weekend and this house is ready to be sold!

Children's Room Before Children's Room After
Guest Bedroom Before Guest Bedroom After
Sharon, Cheryl, Irene Fooling Around Pierre Ruiz Art in home

‘Green’ New Vacant Home Needed Staging

What a fantastic opportunity to stage a brand new vacant home that is also part of the new ‘green home’ movement across Canada. An architectural masterpiece! Contemporary design and the highest quality, concrete, glass, wood and steel construction. Distinctive in all respects, this clean, contemporary, environmentally-sensitive, new, spacious home is located in the heart of Vancouver’s prestigious west side.

Thanks to the PRES members Yvonne Swain of Hint Of Elegance, Lois North of Lois Interiors and one of our newest members Yoshi Haraguchi we turned this vacant house into a home people can see themselves living in! Rental furnishings came from Fluff Rentals of Vancouver.

For a virtual tour just click on this link

Yvonne Ironing Lois & Yoshi Measuring to Hang Art
Dining Room Living & Dining
Master Bedroom 2108 West 18th Vancouver


5 Day PRES Intensive Staging & Redesign Training March 22nd

Now is the time to take your ‘leap of faith’ and sign up for this intensive 5 day professional staging and redesign course offered March 22nd in the Vancouver area. A tentative class is scheduled for late April in Victoria BC with instructor Dana J. Smithers.

The prestigious PRES course teaches classroom theory AND hands-on staging and redesign in real client’s homes. This is a must-do to gain your confidence and validate your abilities!

Graduates of the PRES program love what they are doing and loved the course, support and follow up they receive. Here are a few testimonials:

I have known Dana Smithers for over two years through her Interior Redesign & Home Staging program at PRES Staging Resource Centre. When I first met Dana I was really taken back with the support that I received. Taking this program, I was now entering a new part of my life and it was a little scary, but the support I received from Dana and some of the other students was wonderful. I have continued to get education on Home Staging and Interior Redesigning from PRES with the monthly meetings. Dana has kept me up to date with the new trends and continues to educate me with these monthly programs offered through PRES.

I have found that Dana is a great role model for women, and someone I look up. To say that I received my training from Dana Smithers is quite the honour to me. When someone asks “where did you take your training to be a Interior Redesign Home Stager” I reply with my head held high and a big smile on my face….. “I received my training right here in BC from Dana Smithers of the PRES Resource Centre”.

Dana will always be on my speed dial. I remember when I had to do my first empty Home Staging quote I phoned Dana………”what do I do” she said to me Dianne first of all breathe…..you can do this your a “Great Stager”. Thinking to myself, yeah why panic, I sat back in my chair and thought Dana is right “I am a Great Stager” and thanks to Dana I know I am a “Great Stager” she gave me the confidence I needed to follow my dream.

Dianne Boutilier of Focal Point Redesigns

Student Role PlaysClassroomMeasuring ArtRoomClearing

Secrets PRES Home Stagers Use to Source Rentals

PRES home stagers and redesigners offer their clients a wide variety of services. One of them is called ‘sourcing’ (seek out) rental furnishings. PRES graduates will source the best rental furnishings to give broad buyer appeal to their sellers’ target markets. Many clients will use rentals if their property is vacant, or their existing furnishings do not quite give the WOW look.

In the Lower Mainland of BC we are fortunate to have many rental furnishing companies to choose from. In other parts of BC and Alberta there are a few rental furnishing companies but not as good or as large as a company such as Fluff Designs in Vancouver. Most home stagers have their own small inventory and rely on rental stores to provide larger items such as sofas, desks, beds, etc. Many home stagers in smaller locations have larger inventory especially when they know they can provide better quality and styles of furnishings than local suppliers. Kym Tarr of ShoeString Interior Staging in Kelowna has great furnishings she offers her clientelle.

Here are a few TOP SECRETS about the process and how it works best:

1) be OPEN to what the PRES stager has to say about your furnishings whether you need some or have a vacant home – we are the experts here
2) the PRES stager will go to the rental furnishing store that they believe will have the best product/inventory to meet your needs. They may go to several stores before they finally decide on the best one for you. This can take up to 8 hours if it is a very large property.
3) PRES stagers will work within your budget to meet your needs. Once we have a quote we will review it with you for your approval.
4) Many PRES stagers have some of their own inventory and may choose some items of their own to use, and, some from a rental furnishing company
5) PRES Stagers know the best colour schemes for selling and will select product to work best with what you have or what they need to create for you.
6) Once PRES stagers have selected the appropriate inventory arrangements are made for delivery and they are there ready to go with the installation/staging set up
7) When the property is sold the seller notifies the stager and the stager comes to destage and the movers come for the pick up back to the rental furnishing store.

We make it seem ‘easy peasy’ but it takes a lot of skill to be a versatile PRES STAGER!!!