Realtors Love Working with PRES Stagers!

PRES Staging & Redesign Training was taking place in Victoria last week and as part of the course we do makeovers in 2 real client’s homes. Through networking with a fellow Active Rain member, Fred Carver a realtor with Re/Max Camosun/Oak Bay, he found 2 homes for us!

The PRES Staging Resource Centre does not charge for the work we do in a training home, but we ask that the realtor or the client makes a donation to their favourite charity. It’s a WIN-WIN situation for all concerned.

One of the challenges with one of the homes was the home owner’s bedroom – it had SAMURAI SWORDS and other deadly weapons in it! Not so good for staging! The living room was clearly not been utilized as a living room so that took some creative work from the PRES team. The rooms we did were totally transformed and the home owners still have a bit of cleaning up and decluttering to do.

Kelly & Roger LR Before P1060326

Kelly LR After P1060370

Kelly DR Before P1060346

Kelly DR After 394

Roger Before 301

Roger's Bedroom After

Mark Ainley Teaches Contemporary Feng Shui to PRES Members

The PRES Vancouver Area members were treated to a workshop with Contemporary Feng Shui expert Mark Ainley. Mark has been studying Feng Shui for many years and was introduced to Western Feng Shui through Rhea Peake. Mark terms his Feng Shui ‘Contemporary Feng Shui’. He does consulting work in Japan and ‘contemporary’ works much better for that client group!

Mark introduced the PRES Members to the 5 Elements of Feng Shui:

1. Earth
2. Fire
3. Wood
4. Metal
5. Water

It was fascinating to learn how to apply the 5 elements when we are staging a home, or doing a home makeover for living. By using at least 3 out of the 5 elements you can create balance and harmony in a space.

Feng Shui is a very deep subject and if you really want to become an expert in it take a look at some of the courses that Mark and others offers. Knowing a little about Feng Shui is better than not knowing anything about it. While it is growing in popularity in North America, like home staging the public needs to be educated on it.

Mark and PRES Founder & Creator Dana J. Smithers recorded a live webinar for PRES members outside the Vancouver Area to listen to.

PRES Members attend Spring BC Real Estate Trade Show

PRES stagers are brilliant in using trade shows as part of their marketing strategy! Trade shows are a great marketing strategy and while they do take time, money and energy the pay off can be huge IF you follow up! The best time for trade shows is in the spring and fall. There are industry specific trade shows with realtors and stagers and then the Home & Garden shows are a terrific way for PRES stagers to promote their business.

Earlier this year PRES stagers Deena Cottingham of Green Apple Staging and Janet Voth of Designing Spacez both servicing the Calgary area had a tremendous response with visitors to their booths.

PRES stagers on the West Coast have been active in a number of real estate trade shows and Sally Weatherley of Exit Stage Right was involved with the BC Real Estate Convention trade show held April 8th & 9th. She set up a fantastic looking booth and had a colleague Gita Wood help her out one morning.

Lois North of Lois Interiors attended the trade show and passed out her marketing materials such as her information packages and business cards. That’s a terrific strategy and one that is ‘FREE’. It involves your time and energy and is well worth it.

The key to any successful marketing strategy like a trade show is of course FOLLOW UP! PRES Stagers will have a draw for a ‘free’ staging consultation or perhaps a ‘free’ power stage or even as much as a ‘free home staging job’!

Gita, Sally, Lois

Sally's Inventory

Sally, Lois & Dana

Sally talking to attendee