You might be grieving selling your home…

I recently read an article on The 5 Stages of Grief and how it relates to the process of saying good bye to your home of a few or many years.

I believe most PRES home stagers have faced situations like this and have had to use a lot of psychology and empathy in making their client’s move more palatable. The public doesn’t often realize how much we do care about not only making the property spectacular for selling, but ‘being there’ for our clients.

I often think of PRES Home Stagers as your “Home Selling Coach’ since we work together with you to help you achieve your goals. We listen – we set goals – we take action steps. Many staging jobs can take up to a year depending on what has to be done to make the home marketable. When our clients get STUCK well, we encourage them to take small steps and remind them that they can create their next home any way they want!

This photo is me with my client asking him to ‘Tell me about these swords’ and tell me he did. They are his pride and joy and so without a moment’s hesitation I said, “Well then, let’s pack these treasures up and make sure they are safe and sound when you move in to your new home!”

Roger Telling me about his swords

Roger with samurai swords

Advertising on a Smart Car – SMART!

Why a Smart Car you ask? Why not a Smart Car?

Firstly, it makes me smile and what makes me smile even more is to see it out in public with my company logo on it; Lois Interiors. It makes others smile, heads turn and usually produce a large toothy smile directed at me and my car. How can that not be good. Good for me, good for business and good for all those who smile at me, whether making fun of my peculiar little car or not…….it makes me smile.

Secondly, it’s a serious car……yes, it is. Built by Mercedes Benz and designed in conjunction with the quirky and successful Swatch company. It’s amazingly fuel friendly, impressively spacious, handles like it knows what I want it to do and…… makes me smile.

Thirdly, as a Home Stager it’s important to be able to pack things into my vehicle; decor things, pretty things, picture hanging things, and tool things……….it all fits into this fabulous little car and………that makes me (and others) smile.

Happy Home Staging by Lois of Lois Interiors covering the Vancouver Lower Mainland

Lois North Smart Car