Why aren’t there more men taking home staging courses?

Over the 7 years that I have taught home staging and redesign I have only ever had 2 men in my class. And those 2 men took the course the very same week!

In the class I am teaching this week I have 2 men again – but here’s the twist – one of them is one of the two men who took my class years ago (2007)! So now I can say I still have only ever had 2 men take my home staging and redesign course.

I wonder why this is? I know there are many men out there who are or would be excellent at home staging and redesign. I just wonder where they are….

Here’s the proof:

My first day of redesign/staging training I lit the house on fire!

I was honoured to have been selected as one of the RESA Staging Expert Panel – Meet the Pros speakers. One of the first questions that we were asked was ‘What was your biggest obstacle in starting your business?”

The responses from the other expert staging panel speakers – Kathy Nielsen, Linda Barnett, Michelle Minch, Karen Otto, Annie Pinsker-Brown and Craig Schiller were pretty typical of most home stagers starting out in business i.e. getting ‘me’ out of the way; finding clients; figuring out how to charge what I was worth; deciding when to grow my team, etc.

My first obstacle was a little different. I set the training home on FIRE!!! I have kept this story to myself for years and only share it with my students when something happens that shakes them up. I can tell them – this is nothing compared to what I did.

Listen in to this video from the RESA Convention.

RESA Staging Expert Panel Speaker

So remember, if I can do it you can do it. Only you can live your dream and hey, if a fire didn’t stop me, then I know nothing can stop you!