PRES Training Home Clients Are Ecstatic Over the Transformations…

During the 5 day PRES Staging & Redesign Training course, students are taken into real clients’ homes to apply the theory they learned in the classroom. Our training home clients are carefully selected by the PRES Resource Centre Founder & Creative Director, Dana J. Smithers. What’s essential in the training homes is that there are at least 3 major rooms to transform, enough art and accessories to work with. Some homes may have more opportunity for learning proper furniture placement and others may provide the perfect opportunity for teaching the ‘art of hanging art’. Whether we are staging the home to sell, or transforming the home by redesigning it for living the outcome for the client is the same – they LOVE the transformation!

In this home the client was struggling with how to make everything she loved look good together. When you are redesigning the home for living it’s important to transform the home by using as many of the client’s things as you can. Having said that not everything goes back into a room once we start building it back up using our 10 Step Secret Formula!

The Living Room BEFORE:

A Living Room That Needs to Breathe!

The Living Room AFTER:

A living room that captures her personal style!

This her testimonial. When I walked in my home all I could say was “Wow!” I was taken aback immediately by the sense of being welcomed into my own home, stunned by the spaciousness and a feeling that the rooms can breathe again. With styled shelves, walls complimented with art, properly placed furniture and treasured items beautifully displayed, it became the space I wanted it to be. If you want your home staged or redesigned invite PRES Staging program in the door because you won’t be disappointed!

If this is something you are interested in participating in let us know by going to our PRES Training Home Page. Just click on this link and we will be in touch! Sorry, this offer is only for home owners in the Lower Mainland BC (for now).

Home Stager Interviewed on Global TV & Shaw TV

As a pioneer in the home staging industry it’s my duty to promote and educate the public on the benefits of home staging. It is a proven fact that staged homes sell for more money and sooner than homes that are not staged.

In January I created my 2011 Vision Board with Fanny Kiefer Studio 4 Interview in my Feng Shui Bagua Career section. I did this a few years ago as well but I knew I needed to write a book Start & Run a Home Staging Businessto get on the show, and so I did! My Vision Board has manifested into a real live interview for me with Fanny Kiefer of Studio 4 on Wednesday July 6th and I am excited!

Fanny Kiefer in my Career Section of my Vision Board

Here’s the story of how all this great PR has come about:

My publicist Sarah Yu of Self-Counsel Press pitched my book Start & Run a Home Staging Business to the National Post and I wrote several blog posts for them on home staging tips.

From there the Vancouver Sun editor liked the stories and decided to have a freelance writer Alison Applebe come and do an interview with me. This article should be in the Sun early July in their HOME section.

Sarah then got me a television spot on a local show Global TV and I again talked about the benefits of home staging while promoting my book.

I then used all this media/PR information when I wrote my own pitch to Ian MacKenzie to get on Fanny’s show. This was on my ‘bucket list’ and I felt I could manifest it in time. So at 9am on Wednesday July 6th I have the pleasure of sitting across the table from Fanny Kiefer whom I totally admire for her professionalism, her busy savvy, and her overall brilliance as a women entrepreneur.

I will be talking about the benefits of home staging for home sellers and my intention is to promote it so well that many of the PRES graduates have home sellers calling them to help them stage their home. Of course I hope to attract some potential new students for my PRES Staging & Redesign course offered the week of July 11th.

If you want more information about creating your own Vision Board as a home stager, go to my Archived eNewsletters in January 2011 and download the Feng Shui Western Bagua which is how I create my boards. You don’t need to use the bagua at all, it’s just a guide.

National Post: 5 Quick Tips To Sell Your Home Part 3

Check out this 5 Part Series of Home Staging Tips written for the National Post by Dana J. Smithers.

Part 3 – Five Quick Tips to Sell Your Home

If you have decided to put your home on the market with little time to spare, here’s what you need to do.

1. Find a reputable realtor who has successfully sold similar homes in your neighbourhood. If you are selling the property yourself make sure you have a good marketing plan that gets potential buyers into your home. Putting photos up on the internet is only one of the things that needs to be done.

2. Hire a home stager, who should start you off with a written Recommendation Report so you can focus on priority tasks. A home stager can show you how to save time, money and energy in your preparation. If you want to do this yourself, check out my eBook DIY Getting Ready for an Open House in 10 Easy Steps.

3. Focus on getting your most important rooms looking clutter-free and inviting. Bathrooms and kitchens need to be spotless and sparse. Make sure the function of each room is obvious and appropriate. If you’ve been using your dining room as an office, it must go back to looking like a dining room — which means a proper dining table, chairs, art and accessories.

4. As the majority of people like to move into a home that doesn’t need a lot of work, focus on these key areas: neutral paint colour, new flooring, updated light fixtures and updated window coverings. You need to de-clutter, de-personalize and start packing. Just doing these things will make your home look more spacious and inviting.

5. Once your home is staged, you will be living more minimally than usual. If you stay focused on the result you want – a quick and handsome sale of your home, living with less won’t be a hardship. Your home must look immaculate for every single showing. Be prepared at all times for an unscheduled showing that just might bring the buyer you have been waiting for.

Emotions are a part of every home sale. Some people will feel great, while others may not. Regardless of the emotions, you must be objective and focused on the result you want. The more detached you are to your home, the faster the property will sell. Keep this in mind.

Part 4 coming next!

Interview on Global TV Promote Home Staging

As a home staging instructor part of my role is to continue to educate the public about the benefits of home staging – mainly getting top dollar for a staged home and selling more quickly than an unstaged home! I’ve had a great time this week with being interviewed for an up-and-coming article for the Vancouver Sun’s Home section. The freelance writer Alison Applebe did a great job of interviewing me so stay tuned for that.

I was interviewed on Global TV Sunday morning with Sophie Lui. It was great to be able to promote home staging and my book.

I am super excited to be on the Fanny Kiefer Studio 4 show on July 6th at 9am. I’ve wanted to get on Fanny’s show for 2 years now, and having written my book, Start & Run a Home Staging Business seems to have done the trick! Stay tuned for that….

Does your home need staging? Want a ‘FREE’ home staging?

If you have a home that is going on the market in the next few weeks and you have not staged it, you may be leaving good money on the table! Staged homes sell for more money and sooner than homes that are not staged. Why not consider getting your home staged professionally by the PRES staging school program? Best yet it’s FREE!

IT’S FREE! Just make a donation to a charity of your choice.

During the 5 day PRES Staging & Redesign course in the Lower Mainland we use ‘real client’s’ homes as part of the training practicum. Students are tested on their ability to do the hands-on staging as well as classroom learning.

If you are a realtor you may want to take advantage of this offer for your client. Do you have a home that your client is putting on the market, or is already on the market, for selling and it could use a one-day home staging job. They must have their own furniture, art, etc and we will rearrange and transform 3 rooms in the home in just one day.

If you are a home owner and would love to have your home professionally staged check out the criteria and contact us immediately!

Criteria To Qualify as a TRAINING HOME:

Go to PRES Staging Resource Center for more information. You can also check out some of the amazing transformations in the homes we have done with rave reviews from our happy clients!

• The home needs to be more than 1500 square feet and have 3 different rooms that we can work in for the day
• We need enough furniture so that we can reposition it, repurpose, regroup your art and overall create a more balanced and harmonious look in your home for living or selling
• You must be ‘open’ to having up to 6 students in the home for the day – start is 9 am – finish up between 4 & 5 pm

To be Selected:

• We may set up a consultation appointment with your client or, better yet send photos of 3 rooms to
• If you or your client’s home is chosen for the makeover, we will set up a time to meet in person


$FREE for a One-Hour Consultation; $FREE for the One Day Home Staging
We ask our clients and/or realtors to make a CHARITABLE DONATION on behalf of PRES Staging Resource Centre. It can be any amount you want. It’s all about making a difference in the world we all live in.


Free Introductory Home Staging Webinar today!

‘FREE’ Webinar – Join Staging Guru Dana J. Smithers LIVE on her Introduction to PRES Staging & Redesign course Tuesday June 7th from 5 – 6pm (Pacific Standard Time)

This will be your opportunity to ask WHATEVER you want to the founder & creative director of the PRES Training Programs! Dana will walk you through the most often asked questions and give you a preview of what the 5 day course teaches you!

All you need to do is to go to your computer and open up your internet browser. Type in the information from Step 1. Then phone in to the telephone number in Step 2. You will be given a PIN number which allows you to be live on the call with Dana. Your PIN number will come to you either through the operator or to your email IN BOX. Just enter the PIN number on to your telephone keypad and you will be on the call and ready to ask your questions!

Step 1. Please join my meeting.

Step 2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) – a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.

Dial +1 (416) 800-9295
Access Code: 782-556-411
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

» Sign up and be on the call and receive a ‘FREE’ ebook Trade Secrets to Hanging Art Like a PRO!

» Stay on the call to the end and you will get another BONUS of $200 savings to you!


If I may offer you some words of wisdom if I was you making a career decision this is what I would ask myself:

1. Am I passionate about creating beautiful spaces? Can I work with what people have in their homes and/or make suggestions as to what they should buy?
2. Is the course I am looking at established, provide me with a recognizable certificate in home staging AND redesign, and does it have professional ‘local’ instructors who have their own businesses in this industry?
3. Will this training school offer me skills in both hands-on in-the-home training and training theory with a reference manual AND will I get monthly support and a hugely discounted coaching package to get me started on the right track?
4. Are the class sizes small so that I get personalized training?
5. Is this the right investment for me at this time or do I want to stay in something I really ‘hate’ doing, day in and day out?

If you answered ‘YES’ to all of these questions, then what will it take for you to make the next step and take your ‘leap of faith’ into a new and rewarding career? It can be as easy as a click here to REGISTER.

Here is a PRES Recent Graduate Raving Fan Testimonials…

I cannot believe how fantastic this course was. I am totally pumped. The course was even more than I expected. It was a busy week, but when you are learning and doing something you love, it doesn’t feel like work at all. The hands on learning to properly hang art and putting the 10 step formula into action in real homes for staging/redesigns has given me the confidence to get the job done efficiently. Before taking this course, I knew 100% this was my passion, but starting up my own business seemed way to overwhelming and way out of reach. I didn’t know where to begin or what to do…. now I have the knowledge and confidence to start my own business and work my passion. It was an amazing week! Dana, thank you for your sharing your knowledge, your passion and encouragement. And last but not least, a Big thank you for providing me the last chair to squeeze me in!

WOW …I am so impressed with what this course taught me – I thought I knew a good portion of what staging was all about – I soon found out I knew NOTHING! I’m leaving this course feeling fully qualified having done the classroom theory and the hands-on in the homes. I feel so empowered and I know what I am doing!”

Dana covered all the bases – theory, field work, practical business advice for starting a small business, and, a generous does of good sense of what to expect in the business world. A real pro! “

You don’t want to miss this and SPACE IS LIMITED.


June 20 – 24
July 11 – 15
September 12 – 16
November 7 – 11


Regular Price $2795 plus HST

SAVE $200 by just being on this call!

There is limited space left so REGISTER NOW TO SAVE YOUR SPACE – $500 plus HST deposit saves your space!



Be taught by Canada’s best…Dana J. Smithers ‘Staging Guru’
PRES® Staging Resource Centre Founder & Creative Director

National Post Catch the Woman’s Eye for Selling Your Home Part 4

Check out this 4 Part Series of Home Staging Tips written for the National Post by Dana J. Smithers.

PART 4 Why You Want to Catch The Woman’s Eye When Selling

It’s a fact that women make 85% of the buying decisions in North America, so it makes sense to appeal to women when you are selling a home. Professional home stagers know just how to do this.

It starts with creating a great first impression, whether a potential female buyer first views your home on the internet or on a drive-by. Your home needs to look spacious, beautiful and contemporary — inside and out. It might seem trivial to say a home needs to be aesthetically appealing to the female buyer, but it is true, and maybe it sounds even more trivial to say it’s all about the accessories – but this is true!

Here are some great insider secrets women look for when they shop for a new home. Let’s look at each room as if it was a department in a store:

Bathrooms and Ensuites — Many women spend a lot of time in their bathroom and want it to have a spa look. Paint in a neutral, warm beige or a soft green; update light fixtures (pink lights makes skin look softer); put in new flooring; change the faucets. Bathroom accessories may include white fluffy towels, florals (faux orchids are great here) and a piece of calming art, a few candles. Use a bath mat only if you have a really large bathroom.

Kitchens – Women want them to be functional, clean, tidy and contemporary. Clear away all small appliances such as toaster and coffeemaker. Clear the counters and make sure the floor and appliances are spotless. Kitchen accessories may include some green plants or faux floral, a bowl of fruit (green apples are popular), a piece of food art, three bottles of sparkling water — and you’re done.

Dining Rooms – A dining room table, no more than four chairs and an area rug (if the flooring is hardwood or tile) will give a clean, inviting look to this room. Use a side table or buffet only if you have a large dining room. You want every room to look spacious. Chandeliers are the trend right now. Dining room accessories may include a table runner, a large centrepiece on the table, a piece of themed art, a vase with flowers.

Living Rooms/Family Rooms — many newer homes in Canada have eliminated the formal living room. However, if you are going to stage your living room and you have a family room, then please, no television in the formal living room. Create an inviting, calm space and, if possible, place your furniture in a parallel grouping in front of a fireplace. You don’t need more than a sofa and two chairs, end and coffee tables, area rug (only on hardwood/tiles; never over carpet) and some lamps. Living/family room accessories may include one or two pieces of landscape or abstract art, florals or large green plants, some candles and some contemporary vases or bowls. Mirrors are great for expanding a room size.

Master Bedrooms – What appeals to women in this room is great-looking bedding. Go for the hotel look and include luxurious fabrics with touch-me textures, lots of pillows for a pampered feeling, and a faux-fur throw to wrap it up. Two bedside tables with two lamps create a feng-shui equality in the room for the man and woman. Master bedroom accessories may include some contemporary art, trendy mirror and florals.

Other Bedrooms – Follow the same guidelines as you would a master bedroom but these rooms do not need to have the same level of luxury

I hope you have enjoyed learning “Home Staging Tips’ by Dana J. Smithers. If you apply them your home will stand out in the market which means a quicker sale for you and at the best price! Happy Selling!

Please excuse the bragging…my 1st royalty check just arrived!

I know in Canada we are very ‘polite’ and don’t like to brag but I am so excited because I just received my first ever royalty cheque from my recently published book: Start & Run a Home Staging Business with Self-Counsel Press.

It was an amazing experience to sign the contract, submit my first drafts of my first few chapters, get the okay to keep going, and then to finally finish my writing of the book. The book was edited a few times and I am happy with the final printed copy. When it came out and I saw it in book stores, it was quite surreal. This for me, is a dream come true.

I know I have other books in me but some of them will be of an entirely different nature. But for now this is a fantastic feeling. Most printed books will be turned into eBooks and this book will be no exception. I have 3 other eBooks on DIY Home Staging, Creating Curb Appeal that Sells! and Trade Secrets to Hanging Art Like a PRO! They are great content and if a home owner does what it says to do in the ebooks, they can create a home that prospective buyers can’t live without!

I’m currently working on my new PRES Home Staging Home Study kit which will be available in the fall worldwide. How fantastic is that!

Not that this is the academy awards or anything like that, but again I want to thank all of my teachers and all of my amazing students who have helped me on my journey in the world of home staging.