Vancouver Sun Article July 29 – Setting The Stage To Sell

PRES staging has been receiving a lot of fantastic PR the past few months about the benefits of home staging. Dana Smithers, founder & creative director of the PRES Staging Resource Centre has been interviewed for newsprint and television since her new book Start & Run a Home Staging Business was published by Self-Counsel Press.

The Vancouver Sun article – Setting The Stage To Sell gave some great tips to home sellers about what they need to focus on when they are selling. Alison Applebe a freelance writer for the Sun also interviewed Patti Houston of Fluff Rentals and Susan Evans of Home Suite Home Staging.

Van Sun At HOME - Setting The Stage To Sell

Van Sun AT HOME - Setting the Stage (2)

There are lots of resources on the PRES website for home sellers to tap into. If you are thinking about selling your house you can also check out Dana Smithers’ ebook DIY Home Staging – Getting Ready for An Open House in 10 Easy Steps! And something we hope you picked up from the article is that hiring a PRES home stager is not expensive. Especially when you compare it to the cost of not-staging your home and having it sit on the market!

Do realtors know that PRES stagers also MOVE sellers into their new home?

Did you know that realtors are very fortunate to have home stagers as part of their team? We can play ‘bad cop’ to their ‘good cop’ because we know that the seller will absolutely love us when we have performed our magic of transforming their property into an incredible commodity just waiting for those multiple offers to pour in.

And all the while we are helping them prepare their property for selling, we are also building rapport and creating a great relationship with them. Yes we ask them to pack up their favourite family photos and personal collections of masks, dolls or whatever, and yes we request that they tidy up and declutter a great deal of their stuff and yes, we might even suggest they paint and while they are at it let’s redo the flooring and clean all the windows and yes … on it goes.

But did you realize that because we have helped them prepare for their showings we know exactly how they want to live in their new home. And many times it is a combination of the ‘gorgeous staged-new-home look’ and the way ‘they used to live’.

Even though she is not selling in the immediate future she wanted a new, non-cluttered look.

We can keep this same spacious, elegant look and transfer it to her new home when she is ready to move!

So realtors, just remember that we can add HUGE VALUE to your service deliverables by being able to not only stage your client’s home for selling, but we can redesign their new home for living – a real bonus for you and your home seller!Call a PRES home stager to find out more!

Vancouver Island Stagers, Stylists & ReDesigners Meet Up Rocks!

Michaela Starling of Starling, Staging and Stylingis one of the instrumental organizers in getting the Victoria Meet Up group together. They are made up of a core group of home stagers, stylists and redesigners who have created a very successful networking group, getting together once a month to share ideas and learn from industry experts.

I am really excited to be heading over to Victoria BC tomorrow to do a presentation to the Vancouver Island Stagers, Stylist and ReDesigners. While I have taught several of them there are many whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet. It will be a fun night with lots of sharing of ideas about the home staging and related industries.

Photos next week….

If you don’t have a Meet Up Home Stagers group in your area why not think about starting one. It’s a great idea to check out other Meet Ups in your area where you would be able to make referrals to and be referred by others.

Even Some Staging Is Better Than None!

As home stagers we realize that sellers often have a ‘bare bones’ budget and we try and assist them as much as we can with the preparation of selling their property. During the consultation we will give them as many ideas as possible within their budget to get the property looking at the very least, better than it looks for living.

The PRES staging school recently assisted a working divorced mom with two teenage daughters and a really, really tight budget to get the home ready for the market. During the consultation it was recommended that the client ‘borrow’ some better looking furniture, tables, art and accessories. She did let me purchase some bedding for her and it has made all the difference in the final look for showing.

The only thing the seller needs to do now is to paint in the neutral palet that was chosen for her. I often suggest if you only picked one colour for the entire condo then go with the evergreen look of Benjamin Moore CC90 Natural Linen. It’s a nice soft neutral beige that works well with almost any flooring. Always use the trendy colours for accessorizing and keep in mind the next buyer can live with the neutral beige more than any other colour!

Master Bedroom with no good focal point!

Master Bedroom with new bedding - next is painting!

Fireplaces are often focal points so they need to look good...

Borrowed art is better than no art!

Watch Dana Smithers on the Fanny Kiefer Studio 4 Show!

I had wanted to be on the Fanny Kiefer Studio 4 show for about 2 years. I have had it on my Vision Board and finally manifested that goal this week!

Any exposure for home staging is just great because while many home sellers and realtors understand how vital we are to the real estate community, some people still don’t buy in. When any of us have the opportunity to be on television or radio – just JUMP ON IT! We need to keep educating the public so that we continue to create more beautiful spaces around the world. Once we have staged a home, many home owners want that same look recreated in their new space. And we can do that for them and a whole lot more!

A little glitch in the interview...What’s a little funny on the Fanny Kiefer show is YIKES!!! they didn’t show the proper ‘After ‘photo of the 25 year old home but…there’s not much you can do when it’s live. LOL

I hope you enjoy watching the interview if you missed it. Lots of fun and Fanny Kiefer is a gracious, intelligent and fun host!

Fanny Kiefer & Dana Smithers on Studio 4

Watch me on Fanny Kiefer Studio 4 Shaw TV Today!

I am totally excited to be on the Fanny Kiefer Studio 4 show today! The live show is at 9am I’m scheduled to be on at 9:40. The show then repeats at 1pm, 4pm and 9pm if you can’t make the early one! I’ll be talking about my new book Start & Run a Home Staging Business and about why sellers need to stage their home to get top dollar, and to sell sooner than homes that are not staged.

If you do miss it they put it up on You Tube (I’ll get the link) and/or you can go to Studio 4 and catch the last week’s worth of Studio 4 episodes.

Off to get dressed:)

Some Clients Need Home Stagers To Shop For Them

Home stagers offer a multitude of services when it comes to preparing the house for selling. True, the real hands-on staging work involves better furniture placement, decluttering, hanging art, accessorizing, and creating an overall harmonious and balanced look for the home seller’s potential target market buyer. But in truth, we do so much more!

One of the services that many home sellers don’t realize we offer is SHOPPING. Now as a home stager I think it would be a fair statement to say that most of us love to do this for our clients. While I do it fairly frequently for home sellers I often do it for home dwellers. This is the person who admits they have little home decor style sense and do not know how to pull their look together. They may not even know what style they are because they don’t know what they really like. They are afraid to ‘take the risk’ of buying something that doesn’t work.

So the home stager comes to their rescue. This is the simple process that I go through with clients I need to shop for:

* have a consultation about what they feel is lacking in their home
* ask them of the furnishings they have what do they really love, and/or do they want you to keep and use in the home transformation
* take photos of all of the rooms that need some art, accessories etc. and make a list of what you need to purchase
* get a retainer/deposit for the amount you think you will need to purchase product for them (often getting a cheque is good because you can cash it and if anything has to be returned the client can do that if they want to get something different – if you choose to use your credit card you will need to take anything back that does not work)
* if you are somewhat unsure of what the client will love, then take photos of the products and send them to your client to get their feedback – this way you will be 100% on track. I did this with this client and was glad I did because she absolutely loved the home makeover with the new purchases!

From a Feng Shui perspective the client needed some 'blue'

She liked whimsical things so this one worked!

She didn't like the cherries so I didn't purchase this art.

* PRES stagers use their 10 Step Formula to redesign and/or stage the rooms so by following this process they can easily incorporate the furnishings the clients love with the new ones they have purchased


Poorly set up with no invitation to sit down and enjoy a meal...


Dining Room With Personality!

This client said she feels like she really has a re-energized home and she just LOVES everything we did!