Why not Manifest Your Fabulous Home Staging Business?

I recently came back from a Peak Potentials course called Wizard Camp. I was delighted that the camp came just before the launch of my new PRES Home Staging Home Study course because I knew I would need to put some of the manifestation training that I would be learning into practice.

I make these kinds of investments in myself because I know they are critical to my personal and business growth. This is what Wizard Camp was all about taken directly from Peak Potentials website:

‘There is no greater skill than the ability to manifest what you want. This is the magic of the wizard!

The wizard archetype, also known as the magician or alchemist, is able to turn “lead into gold”. The unique quality of the wizard is an ability to manifest their desires in the real world. There are 7 specific steps to creating anything. At Wizard Training Camp, you will learn and practice these steps and come away with skills that will change the course of your life.

You will learn:

  • A highly developed “reality creation” technology.
  • Specific clearing processes to make space for higher wisdom.
  • Enlightened principles for creating success without struggle.
  • How to tap directly into your intuition.
  • How to see through the illusion of the world and come from a higher perspective.

The Wizard Training is special. If you would like to learn how to manifest exactly what you want in the world, be there.’

So here I am a ‘Wizard’ and having to implement much of what I learned from camp because I have come up against a few glitches in rolling out this new program. It’s all good and I just ‘correct and continue’ because I know I will find a way to fix the few challenges that I am having. They are mainly technical for me, and I know that ‘since everything happens for a reason, and that reason is to serve me so that I can serve you’ it will all be fixed in time for the September launch.

I’m manifesting this new PRES home staging home study course so that I can serve 1000s of people (mainly women) and lead them to manifesting their own magnificent home staging business. I hope you can join me on my ‘FREE’ call on September 8th as I share some of my wizardry with you.


Dissolve fear forever out of selling starting September 8…

Would you rather poke your eyes with needles than to have to be a “sales person” in your business?

You are not alone; I know how much entrepreneurs really dislike selling.

Most people hate the word “selling” which results in a loss of major revenues every year because they are afraid to offend someone or don’t want to face rejection when they ask for the sale.

I’ve heard it hundreds of times from my PRES Home Staging & Redesign students and I used to hear it all the time in corporate when I was the Sales Manager.

In fact I hear this so much that I am hosting a FREE one-time only teleseminar specifically on this subject in order to give you valuable information you need to know on this topic at 6 p.m. Pacific on Thursday, September 8, 2011…


’5 Steps to Taking The Fear Out of Selling – Relationship Selling Made Easy’

On this call you’ll learn:

  1. How to “prospect” effectively in order to have prospective clients clamour to work with you.
  2. How to “qualify” your prospective clients so you can easily identify exactly what it is that they need from you.
  3. Discover this simple tactic that will showcase your expertise and overcome your prospect’s objections.
  4. Learn how to close the sale with authenticity, grace and ease.
  5. Find out how this final, crucial step will ensure you a long-standing, thriving business.
  6. How you can claim $300 off my brand new on-line PRES Home Staging Home Study Course 2.0 — featuring live training with me, Q&A calls, PM3 recordings, transcripts and more!

Whether you are a brand-new entrepreneur or have been in business for a long time, you don’t want to miss this important information I have to share with you!

It’s time to stop being afraid of selling! Take advantage of this complimentary call where you will learn how to attract your ideal client so you no longer have to “sell” anymore . . . even in tough financial times!

Thursday, September 8, 2011 @ 6 p.m. PDT

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“See” you then!


Easy revenue stream opportunity!

I’d like to let you know about a quick way to earn some extra cash by doing what I know you love doing . . . spreading the word.

If you keep up with marketing blogs and the online industry, it’s likely you’ve heard the word “affiliate” used a lot. I’m not surprised as it is a very successful way to earn passive income and many are taking advantage of it.

Just in case you aren’t sure, an “affiliate” is someone who earns commissions for promoting someone else’s products or services. There are many people who have made a business out of this income stream and others use it to supplement their existing income for some additional spending money.

And that’s why I want to tell you about my brand new PRES Affiliate Program. With this new offering, you now have an opportunity to earn commissions on my upcoming, brand new online home staging home study I’m launching next month!

I invite you to join my PRES Affiliate Program. It’s absolutely free to join, so even if you just have a small list or few social media followers, you’ve got nothing to lose –and only commissions to gain.

With my soon-to-be-announced (FREE) call happening on September the 8th, ‘Taking the Fear Out of Selling’ it will be a perfect opportunity for you to earn commissions when your referrals sign up to participate in my brand new online course: PRES Home Staging Home Study Program 2.0 Blueprint . . . 7 Steps To Creating Your Home Staging Business – Make Money Doing What You Love!

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With Gratitude

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