School Trade Show Brings Great ROI for Cheri Dardano!

Always say YES to a ‘FREE or Almost Free’ marketing opportunity no matter how insignificant it might seem! I was coaching one of the PRES graduates Cheri Dardano of Chez Cheri and she mentioned that she had an opportunity to do participate in her daughter’s school trade show.  She didn’t know if she should do it or not and asked me what I thought. Needless to say I said “YES” great idea, tell me about it. She said it could be either out on the school football field if it was still a nice day or inside the gym if the weather wasn’t good. I was hoping that it would be inside as I felt she would have a little bit more captive audience there. Well it was in the gym and it only cost $20 for 4 hours of talking to parents and students who came by her little booth.

Part of the reason that this was a great opportunity is that Cheri had a chance to let the parents and other people know what she was now doing in her life. You see Cheri been a teacher (not at this school) and now she is a professional home stager and stylist. This was a great way for you to transition their thinking into the new Chez Cheri!

The best news of all – It went really well. She had one realtor in Vancouver encourage her to send in her  contact information to him, as well as a few parents (5) and teachers (3) who were very interested in getting her advice about furniture placements, colours, etc. Also two contracts for sewing cushions. And one contact for the lottery prize homes. So 10 potential jobs, and she had a lot of “Wow! Good for you. I didn’t know you did that!”


Cheri Dardano of Chez Cheri - mini trade show brings great ROI!!!

Sellers Can Feel Traumatized By Home Stagers!

So why do home stagers traumatize their home selling clients? Well, we never ever do this intentionally but what I have found over the last 10 years of transforming clients’ homes – is that a lot of their emotions can be triggered by what we do. We are known as ‘change agents’ because we not only change the look of the home, we change the energy and because of this everything feels different. While to our eyes we know we have created a fabulous look for the home seller (we have the results to prove this) to many it just does not feel like ‘their home’ anymore and this can be very, very upsetting. What makes it even harder is the fact that they have to live the way we have set the home up, until it sells. If they are used to living with a lot of  ‘stuff’ having us stage the home can be even harder for them. And the longer they have lived in their home, the more they may struggle with the actual process of clearing out clutter, and prepacking what we don’t want to use in the staging process.

When I was doing my ‘LIVE’ call for my new PRES home staging home study course, this was one of the topics I wanted new stagers to be aware of – all the different emotions that home sellers feel when they have decided to put their home on the market. Some are happy to be moving and others may feel sadness or even grieve the loss of their home if they really do not want to move. All sellers feel some kind of stress (good and not-so-good) and some go through their emotions as if they were on a roller coaster.

During the call I was also talking about the fact that while we aren’t there to be ‘therapists’ we are there to help the client and often we act as ‘staging coaches’. Over my 10 year period as an interior decorator, interior redesigner and home stager I have become quite attuned to knowing what’s going on for my clients and what may be ahead for them. I try and make the process as painless as possible and treat my clients with special care. I keep in touch with them until the property sells and by the time it has they hopefully are feeling better and perhaps even a little tiny bit excited now…

Turn your PASSION into PROFIT – last PRES Home Staging Course for 2011

If you are still sitting on the fence time is running out to turn your Passion into Profit and start your home staging business NOW! It’s hard to believe the last hands-on PRES home staging and redesign course is November 7 – 11th and there are only a few seats left! 5 Days of fun, learning, growth, hands-on in real client’s homes and 2 tests to become a Certified PRES Home Stager & Redesigner.

3 FULL DAYS of classroom learning and a final PRES Case Study test. You will be amazed at how much confidence you gain by taking a professional PRES home staging and home redesign course.


PRES Case Study test for Certification


2 FULL DAYS in real clients’ homes so PRES students apply what they learned!!!


PRES Students Building their Portfolio


Living Room before PRES students' MAGIC!


Living Room After PRES Students' MAGIC!

What a fabulous group of women who recently graduated from the September course! Enthusiastic – talented – ready to go out there to turn their PASSION INTO PROFIT!

High 5s All Around! PRES Grads!!!

As the PRES home staging and redesign instructor, I am truly blessed to be living my passion. To see such amazing transformations from the time the students sign up to the time they complete the course – is a gift to me! Stagers and redesigners make such a huge difference in the way people live and see their homes. We create MAGIC out there for ourselves and for our clients. It doesn’t’ get much better!




Early Bird Special Expires October 7th – Client Colour Consultation Course – Vancouver & Victoria

1-2-3 Paint Colour Selection – Client Colour Consultation Course – EARLY BIRD SPECIALS until October 7th for VANCOUVER and October 28th for VICTORIA

Professional Real Estate Staging (PRES®) offers accelerated learning opportunities for people in the interior decorating, interior styling and home staging businesses. Taught by Dana Smithers the ‘Staging Guru’ and past instructor with the Interior Decorating Diploma courses.

Learn how to conduct a professional colour consultation with your clients. You will be introduced to decorating guidelines for colour schemes and learn the latest colour trends according to Benjamin Moore. This course will boost your confidence in adding to your existing services list!

Course Outline:

  • How Colour affects us
  • Design Guidelines for Colour Schemes
  • Colour Schemes and Decorating Styles
  • Colour Trends
  • How do to a Client Colour Consultation

Using the 1-2-3 Paint Colour Selection method you will pick an overall colour scheme for a home and apply it room-by-room. You will learn the latest colour trends and colour schemes that work best with the 4 design styles.

Colour wheel and other painting tools

SPECIAL BONUS: You will receive your own Interior Design Colour Wheel AND we have a surprise Special Guest Speaker! Stay tuned for more details on our Special Guest Speaker ….

Our Role Plays provide that safe learning environment where you can gain your confidence and add Colour Consultations to your existing services!

Workshop Date and Time – VANCOUVER BC

Date: Saturday October 29th, 2011
Time: 9:30 am to 5 pm (start time may change slightly)
Location: John Braithwaite Community Centre – 145 West 1st Street North Vancouver BC
Cost: PRES® Graduates $197 plus hst Other Professionals $247 plus hst
Registration: Is required. Register and Pay Online here

Or contact: or phone 1 888 296 3148

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Contact by midnight October 7th. For PRES Graduates $147 plus hst Other Professionals $197 plus hst

Workshop Date and Time – VICTORIA BC

Date: Saturday November 19th, 2011
Time: 9:30 am to 5 pm (start time may change slightly)
Location: To Be Determined – downtown Victoria
Cost: PRES® Graduates $197 plus hst Other Professionals $247 plus hst
Registration: Is required. Register and Pay Online here

Or contact: or phone 1 888 296 3148

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Contact by midnight October 28th. For PRES Graduates $147 plus hst Other Professionals $197 plus hst