Don’t save the new furniture for the move use it for staging now!

In the last PRES home staging & redesign training course we staged a townhouse that was using their futon in their main living room area. During the consultation I asked if they had any other furniture that I could use and the home seller said they had their new brown leather sofa and ottoman in the garage ready for their move. I asked to look at it and well…the rest is history. It was THE PERFECT piece of furniture for the living room and the futon worked beautifully downstairs in the less formal family room.

Living Room Before

Living Room Before

New Sofa & Ottoman in Garage!

Living Room with Leather Sofa & Ottoman

Dining Room & Living Room Connected!

This was a junk room filled with plastic containers, paint cans, tarps, etc. We did some ‘out-of-the-box thinking’ and used the plastic containers along with a bookcase to make a bed! We turned this junk room into a guest bedroom with a nautical theme. The headboard is a cushion from a summer bench we didn’t need to use!

Junk Room turned into a Guest Bedroom

The home sellers were delighted with the changes and this is what they had to say:
When I walked in the door I felt like walking into a designer show home. It was all my furniture, yet it all looked brand new to me!

The living room and children’s bedroom were absolute genius. The creativity and ingenuity in using items from my own home were absolutely amazing. My husband and I are completely impressed with the work done in our home. I am certain that our house will have no problem generating interest when going on the market.

Your students have definitely earned their A+’s!

Florists shops provide inspiration for holiday decorating

As a home staging instructor I don’t recommend staging with religious holiday decorations but I do believe you can use some seasonally coloured decorations like red, silver and gold. If the property does not sell in December the staging can stay as it is into the next month. Plants and florals work well at any time of the year but red amaryllis and white orchids look quite stunning.

Gorgeous Xmas display

Exquisite white orchids - so lush & beautiful

Smashing red garland with white orchids

We have a local florist shop that I love going into for inspiration called Special Moments. The owner Jennifer Sullivan does absolutely sensational displays every single month. I even go in her shop just to get a visually high on the florals and all the home decor items she has.

Take some time and get inspired by going into your local florists shops – so magic!

A happy home owner wrote a poem testimonial that rocks!

If you look a few posts back you will find one entitled ‘Want to Make Your Home a True Reflection of You. Find out how…’. The husband and the wife were delighted with the new look of their one-day home transformation. We were thrilled to be able to create a home that reflected their love of Africa.

I always ask my clients for a testimonial as I use them for marketing and plus, I like the positive feedback and to be able to share it with my students. Maureen, the wife, sent us a testimonial in the form of a poem. I LOVE IT and wanted to share it with you:

We left in the morning, around 9 to be fair

We said go ahead, do what you dare.

We came home around 5, and walked thru the door

We had no idea of what was in store…

Our plain brown couch, loveseat, and chair

Were moved into spots, we didn’t know were there.

Our pictures were placed on the walls oh so right

Perfect center, perfect depth, and of course perfect height.

Pieces were moved and shuffled about

Stuff not needed was completely left out

We can’t thank you enough for the changes you made

Our home is more beautiful and perfectly played.

You have a talent for staging and it needs to be shared

People love to come home to a place that is theirs.

Brighter, trendier colours work for living but No, No, not for selling!

The colours we home stagers choose for our home sellers are typically neutrals. They can be neutral beige, green or blue but they are never too bright although they could be trendy.The colours I choose for my home owners who are living in their home are a totally different story. Read on…

I have been working with a client for years now and I started out doing a redesign for her. Since I am also an interior decorator I selected new upholstery fabrics for her two chairs, selected new window treatments, helped her purchase a new dining room table with custom upholstered chairs, and shop for her on occasion to update the look of her home. They thought they might sell but they looked around and decided to stay put and do some updates with paint colours and a few other small accessories.

So their dull and dated dining room went from blah…to WOW! and all with some colour that jazzed this boring room up!

Tired green dining room...


WOW! this is gorgeous and has so much life!


Sitting Room is so outdated and tired...


She was 'over the moon' with this colour choice!

Want to make your home a true reflection of you? Find out how…

In the last PRES 5 day training course we had the opportunity to do a home makeover for a client who said her home was very bland, and seemed to lack personality. (A home makeover for living is all about bringing in the home owner’s personal taste unlike staging where you want to create broad buyer appeal to the seller’s target market)

When I did my initial consultation and tour of the home I noticed they had a lot of very nice bigger furnishings and some attractive accessories scattered throughout the home. But it was true – everything was quite bland UNTIL … I sat down with Maureen, the home owner, and asked her if there was anything in storage that she might like me to incorporate in the home. BINGO! She said she and her husband had just come back from Africa, where he was born, and they had brought back some African art and even a canvas painting of the house he was born in.

African art taken out of storage for us to use

When we arrived, myself and my students, we were delighted to see more African art and accessories on the kitchen table. Now we had more to work with. So using the PRES 10 step secret success formula we got to work by emptying the room and then building it back up.

We did our ‘walk about’ in the home and discovered some African masks and some gorgeous African vases that would fit in perfectly with the new personality of the home.

Bland Personality in Living Room Before

We were able to incorporate some new furnishings and removed the curio cabinets.


Personality Plus! Living Room After



A created ‘art wall’ of more of their African collection!

African Art Collection Showcased!

Colour Consultations Add to Stagers Tool Kit!

Learning how to do colour consultations ‘for living’ is another way for home stagers to add to their took kit! Adding a new service means another revenue stream and that means more money!

Every stagers’ journey to get where they are is different. No two stagers will ever have exactly the same skill set but the more tools in their tool kit the more services they have to offer their clients. The more services they can offer can distinguish them apart from other home staging companies.  While home stagers do offer colour consultations for staging they are not as difficult to do compared to picking a colour scheme for a client who is living in their home. This is where stagers take into account the client’s personality and their life style.

The PRES Staging Resource Centre offers professional development courses throughout the year so their graduates and others, can put more tools in their tool kit – to increase revenues which is what we all want to do. Our latest cours 1-2-3 Client Colour Consultation course was a big hit! I loved teaching it and I always learn something new myself.

The students learned about a variety of harmonious and contrasting colour schemes, about colour personality, colour trends, how to select their 1-2-3 colour scheme. PRES programs always involve learning ‘theory’ and then ‘applying that theory’ to fully understand a principle.

PRES graduates learning colour theory

Donna Wheeler proudly showing her colour scheme!

Robin & Linda choosing monochromatic colour scheme

Using Interior Design Colour Wheel with Tamara MacDonald

A PRES course wouldn’t be a PRES course without the role plays. And who better to do it that Sally Weatherley of Exit Stage Right and Lois North of Lois Interiors!

Talent Lois & Sally Stager!