Jackson Lane West says if your pricing is peanuts you’ll attract monkeys!

Jackson Lane West of Inclined to Design was the guest speaker at the Fluff Rentals monthly breakfast meeting today. While Jackson started out his career in Vancouver as a sought-after property stylist (aka home stager) his clients early on wanted him to do more than just prepare their home for selling. They wanted him to design their new home and Jackson started doing just that!

Today Jackson talked about how to create a more profitable business by adding design services to your existing home staging business. While there were some interior designers and decorators at the meeting the majority were home stagers and many I’m happy to say graduates of the Certified PRES home staging and redesign course. I learned a few things and loved Jackson telling about his mistakes and how to avoid them. His passion is in the design field and teaching his new course on creating a profitable business.

I’m looking forward to my talk on June 29th at Fluff Rentals breakfast meeting. My focus will be on attracting clients in your home staging/redesign and or design business. It’s all about knowing who your ideal client is, creating the right marketing message with keywords and then determining your best marketing strategies to reel in your ideal client!

While I started my career over a decade ago as a professional interior decorator and redesigner I also taught both a certified interior decorating diploma course and was a founding member and instructor with the the Canadian Redesigners Association. My passion is teaching home staging & redesign with a focus on starting and growing your business. Early on my clients contacted me to get their home ready for selling and my career in home staging was launched. It’s been a great ten+ years and like any business entrepreneur I’m had my share of ups and downs and learned so much about myself!

Jackson Lane West & Patti Houston Owner of Fluff Design

Great turnout at the Fluff breakfast!

Cinidy Stocker of Urban Presentations & Janet Williams of Magic Home Staging (PRES Grads!)

PRES Client Colour Consultation Course is a Winner!

The PRES home staging program offers professional development courses for stagers, redesigners and decorators who want to stay on top of their game! Any entrepreneurial professional understands the importance of on-going learning that improves their ability to attract more clients to increase their revenues.

At our recent 1-2-3 Paint Colour Client Colour Consultation workshop held at the new Fluff Design Centre 6 women stepped up to learn more about conducting colour consultations with new clients, and past clients. Any time you learn a new skill it’s a great idea to let your past clients know about it. They might just have a need or know someone who does.

Dana J. Smithers taught colour in an interior decorating diploma program for several years and created this one-day hands-on workshop using the design colour principles. This is her 1-2-3 step foundation:

1) Ask your client to show you something they love in their home or a picture of something they love – this is the INSPIRATION piece and your starting point
2) From that inspiration piece select your COLOUR SCHEME – is it contrasting or harmonious
3) from your colour scheme select your PAINT COLOURS and use several different values in your choices

Dana recommends keeping things simple and whenever possible just choosing 3 colours per floor, or 3 colours throughout the home depending on the square footage and the layout. Use the 60-30-10 rule where 60% is your wall paint colour, 30% your fabrics and 10% your accent pieces making sure you have 3 accent pieces.

Students using their Interior Design color wheel and selecting colour schemes using fabric samples.

Students using the Interior Design Color Wheel

Eric Goodwill of Renaissance Painting was our Guest Speaker. Eric talked about his company and what to look for from professional painters. His knowledge was greatly appreciated by the group.

Eric Goodwill of Renaissance Painting

BIG THANKS as always to Benjamin Moore who graciously provides the paint decks for the students!

Silk florals add beauty to homes for living or selling…

PRES home stagers and redesigners use a lot of florals as one of their key accessories to adding the final touch to a home for selling, or for living. Florals come in so many shapes, sizes, styles, textures, etc. that it’s good to have a variety and mix them up. Large green leaves, tall twigs, grasses (brown or green) and colourful silk flowers add beauty to any home. Most can be cleaned with a damp microfibre cloth, some can go in the bathtub and be gently swished around or you can air spray them. Keep them looking clean because when the dust collects it’s bad ‘chi’ in the air!

If you happen to live in an area where there is a Home Sense, Walmart, Costco or Target you will find a variety of florals to choose from. It just takes a good eye to see what will work and what won’t but most stores will have lots to choose from in the spring and fall seasons.

In my opinion Michaels (craft store) has the best silk flowers and plants, although I suggest buying there when they have a sale on as they are more expensive than other stores.

For good decorating/design work with florals in odd numbers of arrangements.Florals can be one of the areas where you work in your accent colour very nicely.

Faux Mix of Florals Add Beauty

3 Florals Work Beautifully Together!

Hyrdrangeas & Apples - Gorgeous!

Unscheduled May 28th 5 Day PRES Staging Course!

Several years ago CNN reported that home staging was going to be one of the fastest growing careers in the next ten years and it is so true! By popular demand the PRES 5 day staging and redesign course will be held from May 28th to June 1st. For the first time this course will be held at one of Vancouver’s most prestigious staging rental furnishing companies, Fluff Rentals.. Students will gain hands-on experience by sourcing rentals from the Fluff warehouse for their projects!

If you are interested in signing up for this class REGISTER now. Just select the May 7 – 11 dates as this new class May 28th is unscheduled. We will also give you $200 OFF because this class is unscheduled!

If you have been sitting on the fence about whether or not you want a career in home staging now is your chance to GO FOR IT!

Recent PRES Graduate Testimonial:

I took the PRES Professional Home Staging & Redesign Business Course with the intent of starting a staging company on the heels of course completion. Due to my aggressive timeline my expectations of Dana’s course were very high. I am happy to say it did not disappoint. Within a month of completing her course I had the confidence and vision to create a website, leverage social media, develop a marketing strategy, assemble a comprehensive tool kit to deliver hands-on services and build out a small inventory rental package. Within seven weeks of graduating I delivered services to reputable realtors in my community. Throughout the seven weeks Dana has been an incredible resource for industry questions. She gladly shares her wisdom and continues to be an enormous supporter with words of encouragement and kindness. I continue to be a student of PRES finding immense value in Professional Development workshop offerings. I strongly encourage anyone wishing to go into real estate staging or home redesign, to take Dana’s 5 day course–it’s an incredible opportunity to change your life! Thank you thank you thank you!

Lena A. Pereira – Westside Staging Solutions

PRES Stagers do more than just staging…

PRES graduates are taught both the art of home staging and the art of home makeovers. There are some big differences between the two – the most important is that the home staging for selling is designed to attract potential buyers, whereas the home makeover for living is all about the home owner’s personal taste and style.

I was out looking at a potential ‘redesign’ training home for my May PRES staging training program. Students in the course actually apply the theory that they learn to real client’s homes. The home I was in today is absolutely gorgeous but the home owner wants to update the look. With the many changes in life style that we all go through many of us who are a ‘little bit older’ often want to go for a more modern look even though we may have loved our more traditional look in the past. This is so true of the home owner today.

I would love to not only redesign this home I want to recommend some dramatic new awesome paint colours. I can see it in ‘my mind’s eye’ exactly what I would do here. Take a look and think about what you would do. I’ve told the client that I would be happy to come back and do a colour consultation for her…I would LOVE to change these white walls to something totally dramatic….stay tuned.

This Buddha art would look stunning in a dark, metallic grey wall!

Living room needs some furniture rearranging and new paint!