PRES Client Colour Consultation Course in Victoria BC Rocks!

Certificate professional development courses are part of the on-going learning that the PRES Staging & Redesign training programs offer. We recently taught the one-day professional 1-2-3 Paint Colour Scheme Client Colour Course in Victoria BC. While normally we hold our courses in hotels or classrooms, one of the PRES graduates, Karen Alexander generously offered her home for the course.

It was a great turnout of 8 Victoria stagers & 2Vancouver PRES stagers who mixed and mingled and shared a few laughs! They learned practical colour theory AND how to apply it. The PRES courses are all about teaching theory along with practical hands on experience. This is how adults learn best!

Learning the theory for colour schemes!

The 1-2-3 Paint Colour Steps work this way:

1. Start with an inspiration piece that your client just LOVES – art, fabric, photos, magazines work too but you need something preferably with 3 colours in it.

Dana Miller & Diana Zink know what they like!

Valerie Westra & Josee Lalonde make a soft modern colour choice!

Karen Alexander & Melanie Henson loved this fabric!

2. Using the Interior Design colour wheel – find the colour scheme that works best

Maria Waterman & Linda use the colour wheel for determining the colour scheme!

3. Select your paint colours from the Benjamin Moore paint decks or one that you enjoy working with. At PRES we love Benjamin Moore products and highly recommend them.

The PRES client colour consultation course provides you with 3 fantastic Word document templates that are easy to follow whether it’s your first consultation or your 100th!

Michaela Starling & Pauline Dueck

Certified Completion of the PRES Client Colour Consultation Course!


Testimonials…as usual PRES delivers lots of fun and great content that I can use now!…I took another colour course and I left feeling overwhelmed and confused, the PRES course is systematic, logical and now I can do my consultations with confidence and great forms!…I finally understand colour schemes and can’t wait to put this into practice…LOVED THE COURSE!

Our next colour course will be offered in the fall of 2012!

Feng Shui Staging Tips by Deepak Jayakar

Knowing how to sell your house with feng shui will save your time, money and help avoid useless efforts. The ancient Chinese art of placement known as feng shui offers various guidelines help you sell your property faster and sometimes for top dollars.

The study of real estate staging is all about how to create auspicious, nourishing energy flow within the given space, that any home should start looking safe, confortable, un-cluttered, appealing and easy to live in. The idea is to use the secrets of feng shui to your advantage. After reading some staging tips from any feng shui website, you may think placing green frog looks good in front porch by the entrance door and its good feng shui staging technique; however potential buyer might not appreciate it. Always remember, feng shui staging technique is not for selling one particular house, but is all about selling a specific emotion. Be very mindful about the quality of energy at your front entrance porch and make it look as fresh and as inviting as possible.

If you are staging a house or property, definitely invest your time and efforts in landscaping and front appearance, this will increase the value of the property as well as attract beneficial Chi. If you are staging a condo apartment there is nothing much to do outside, focus on the main entrance area and door to bring vibrant and nourishing energy to your entrance area. Use of tall lush plant, vase of fresh cut flowers, good lighting, impressive and happy piece of art and strategic use of mirrors to create spaciousness, fresh coat of paint to entry door and opposite wall are worth considering risk-free options to having great feng shui in your staging scheme. Make a note about foyer flooring – if tiles are high gloss and shiny this is not good feng shui as it creates imbalance and turbulences in the energy field, having an area rug to cover it up is great remedy.

De-personalizing the property is yet another technique of feng shui staging. De-cluttering is important but de-personalizing is critical. Create a spa feel effect in bathroom, but do hide all personal items of the owner, empty the closets, remove all pictures or frames of earlier owner, hide all other religious or cultural motifs and symbols. The kitchen is very important – empty cabinets those have glass panels – leave them empty, keep the garage light on and let owner’s vehicle parked in back ally or away from the driveway. Use your imagination and logic in de-personalizing the house. Remember, residual energy from all these used items is a first stumbling block in selling the house. Every potential buyer likes to see the real estate as clean slate.

In feng shui staging’s most important thing to remember is “Energy Triangle”. The energies in Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom are either breaking or making your house sale. A potential buyer should virtually feel he can eat well, rest well and unwind well in order to be healthy in the house he chooses to buy. Good feng shui staging can easily ignite his emotions to make the sale happen in very first Open House. Be creative, logical and apply feng shui sense to your staging.

With the use of few feng shui tips and tricks any stager can give a home a fresh new energy look to make it more appealing, pleasant and comfortable place to live in. As such, it is very likely that the stager is re-hired to interior design the same house by new buyer, and that’s a really rewarding experience.

One last point – if you’re trying to help home sell faster in today’s real estate market, you need every advantage you can get! Learn much more secrets of feng shui staging through our FREE news-letters, webinars and seminars.

Wishing you all successful and rewarding staging career with feng shui tricks.

Deepak Jayakar, Consultant, Coach, Lecturer
Principal * Founder – TRENSETTA Staging Team & Learning Academy
Feng Shui and Advance Learning Center for Designers & Stagers
Tel: 604 760 4858 /

Heritage Edwardian Strathcona Home in Vancouver Is Staged To Sell (continued…)

This Heritage Edwardian home in the Strathcona Vancouver area has finally been listed with EcoRealty and is ready for viewing!

This Edwardian heritage home is a precious little property that is going to appeal to a very special buyer. The ideal buyer will be in love with heritage homes and appreciate the care that the home seller took in keeping as much of the original structure as possible.

The PRES stagers did their best to create an attractive look to the property without taking away from any of the gorgeous architectural features. The home owner completely rebuilt the home keeping all the heritage features including the bannister, fir floors, stained glass windows,fireplace and high ceilings. No expense has been spared on this restoration including: new wood shingle roof, wood siding & new foundation. Soon to have a Heritage of Vancouver plaque confirming the quality that has gone into this home.

Take a look at previous posts to see the stages in preparing this property for selling. It is a real beauty.

Exterior Paint Colours BM Historical True Colours:- Body – Haddington Grey; Pendrell Green Trim; Hastings Red – Door

Benjamin Moore Heritage Exterior Paint Colours work beautifully!

Some interior staging shots…

Beautiful Master Bedroom BM CC 670 Grey Wisp

Guest bedroom with day bed set up - BM HC 172 Revere Pewter

Living Room vignette - sofa had not arrived at time of staging so we worked around it. Notice the gorgeous baseboards!

Office is in the site line so art carefully placed here - BM CC 670 Grey Mist

The trim for all the rooms was CC40 Cloud White which the PRES Staging Resource Centre is a huge fan of!

Heritage Edwardian Home In Vancouver is STAGED TO SELL!

After years of waiting – city permits, renovations, contractors, etc. this 1902 Edwardian Heritage Class B home in Vancouver is finally being staged to sell, and it is a beauty! It was originally built by John Kemp.

Several years ago Dana J. Smithers of the PRES Staging Resource Centre auctioned off her ‘Home Staging’ services. The successful bidder wanted the service for a property her daughter was going to be selling. Even though the expiry date for the Staging was expired Dana honoured it because it was an exciting challenge to do a heritage home.

After meeting with the home seller several times to do a colour consultation, window treatment selection, fireplace tiles selection, the next step was to source for all the rental inventory needed in this 1300 square foot house. Dana and two of her PRES graduates met at Fluff Rentals and made the inventory selection. The client had thought some of their own home furnishings would work but unfortunately only a few items fit the look needed for the staging job.

This is how the property looked when Dana was first called in…

Just starting on the renovations...

A few more visits and the flooring was in and the drywall was being painted…

Wainscotting in the bathroom....looking good!

New flooring upgrades along with electrical

Sourcing the furniture from Fluff Rentals. Two PRES home staging graduates, Lesley Arnould of Embellished Interiors and Lindsay Sy of Dreamhaus Decor both helped out with this job.

Checking our lists twice to make sure we have everything!

And today we are going to do the installation so stay tuned for the final reveal!

HGTV is looking for stagers for a new reality show..check it out now!

HGTV is looking for home staging designers to appear on their new reality show. Candice Olson of Divine Design has her own fabulous design show on HGTV and you know she had to start somewhere! Could this be your big chance?

This is their invitation:
SHOWHOUSE SHOWDOWN is looking for novice/aspiring home stager designers participants. Could this be your BIG CHANCE to show the world what you can do?

Are YOU or someone you know….
• An amateur/aspiring/novice Interior Designer?
• A Big personality?
• Competitive?
• Looking for your BIG design break?

TEMPLE STREET PRODUCTIONS’ new and exciting competitive reality series for HGTV, ‘SHOWHOUSE SHOWDOWN’ turns novice and aspiring designers into superstars!

In each episode two amateur/aspiring interior designers go head to head to design the interiors of two identical homes currently on the market. Upon completion, an Open House is held and the attending public votes for the winner!

Each episode’s winner receives a BIG CASH PRIZE!, as well as priceless recognition in the design world!


- “Amateur”, aspiring and novice designers.
- From all walks of life and all ages – early 20s to late 60s.
- Outspoken with definite design opinions
- Highly confident with Mega Personality
- Sense of Humour
- Competitive and love a challenge!
- From across Canada.

If YOU want to participate on ‘Showhouse Showdown’, please email Casting Director, Sue Skinner, at, the must required materials by the latest, MONDAY JUNE 18:

2. A LETTER – tell us why we should choose you as one of the amateur designers to compete on the series. Go for the gusto! Don’t hold back! And Don’t forget your contact information!
3. A 2-3 minute VIDEO- chatting direct to camera, as your lively and outgoing, dynamic self, please give us a home tour while telling us your 3 best tips for redesigning a space and why you want to compete on ‘Showhouse Showdown’!

***Videos in mov format, at least 40MB and sent through, Vimeo or as a youtube link.

PRES Home Staging Students Create Redesign Style Magic!

During the 5 day PRES home staging training course, students go in to real client’s homes for 2 days. On day 2 they apply the ‘redesign’ principles to create a more harmonious and balanced home for living. On day 3 they use the PRES home staging magic formula to transform a tired home into a trendy, updated, inviting, spacious looking home.

Often when we are doing the home makeover for living (redesign) home owners do not understand how to mix design styles, in fact some may not even know what they are. In this client’s home they had a very traditional formal living room. But, it has elements of modern design such as the picture over the sofa. The soap stone bear carving as beautiful as it is, is not considered part of traditional style!

This was the formal, traditional living room before the redesign…

Traditional style living room...almost

This became the new, traditional formal living room. Perfection would be to find a new home for the love seat from blocking the window but the client needed the extra seating.

The new furniture placement with the more traditional art & the bear gone it works!

In the family room they had a more contemporary look but it didn’t quite work. Behind that screen is a small sauna that we asked the client to remove before we came to do our magic!

Almost working but the sauna behind the screen & bookcases need to go!

Our bear found a new home and the furniture placement works better for viewing the television at the end of the room. It’s much more spacious and the home owners LOVED IT!

This gorgeous treasured bear has a new home in the woods!