Heritage Edwardian Home is SOLD!

Several posts back we shared our story about working with a client who had totally renovated a heritage house and done a spectacular job. PRES staged it and we also mentioned that it would have a small niche market buyer because it is heritage and in Vancouver’s Strathcona area. Strathcona is one of those areas in Vancouver’s Eastside that will be coming to life in the very near future. The city has lots of plans for revitalizing the area so it was a great time to buy.

We’re happy to say that property SOLD in less than ADOM (average days on market) and for top dollar!

Love these signs!

Congratulations to the seller & Stonehouse Realty!

‘Function’ Is Always First In Redesign or Staging!

At PRES training school we say ‘Function is always first and form follows’. During this week’s PRES Staging & Redesign training one of the homes we transformed an unattractive, not very functional space into a space that worked better AND was much more beautiful than what existed in that space before!

Our home owner had tried moving their furniture around before but they could never get two of their rooms to work together. The wife wanted a cozier space by the fireplace which is where the dining room was in the first place. She had squeezed a chair close to the fire but it was not really very functional, and definitely not inviting.

So, we switched up the functions in two of the rooms and created a gorgeous dining room and a very attractive space for Heather! She loved it and so did her husband Earle. Always a WIN-WIN when students get to create magic in a real client’s home applying what they learned in class!

Before Family Room not very attractive….

The dog spends a lot of time in this room…

After Changing the room to a Dining Room that invites a family to eat together..

Inviting and spacious!

It’s amazing what can be transformed by focusing on the function i.e. the purpose of each room and then working from here. Why don’t you try one of your rooms that just hasn’t been working for you and see what you can create.