Looking for a way to increase revenues and add a new service?

Looking for a way to increase revenues by adding a new service line? Check out our April 12 – 1-2-3 Client Colour Consultation one-day workshop. If you are not doing colour consultations or you are doing them but you are not confident then take some action to change that! Our one-day workshop will give you the tools and skills that you need to be successful!

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ENDS MARCH 29, 2013 – CONTACT Info@PresStaging.com to get this special! Course is held on April 12th from 9:30 – 4:30pm. REGISTER HERE!

At our last 1-2-3 Paint Colour Client Colour Consultation workshop held at the new Fluff Design Centre 6 women stepped up to learn more about conducting colour consultations with new clients, and past clients. Any time you learn a new skill it’s a great idea to let your past clients know about it. They might just have a need or know someone who does.

Dana J. Smithers taught colour in an interior decorating diploma program for several years and created this one-day hands-on workshop using the design colour principles. This is her 1-2-3 step foundation:

1) Ask your client to show you something they love in their home or a picture of something they love – this is the INSPIRATION piece and your starting point
2) From that inspiration piece select your COLOUR SCHEME – is it contrasting or harmonious
3) from your colour scheme select your PAINT COLOURS and use several different values in your choices

Dana recommends keeping things simple and whenever possible just choosing 3 colours per floor, or 3 colours throughout the home depending on the square footage and the layout. Use the 60-30-10 rule where 60% is your wall paint colour, 30% your fabrics and 10% your accent pieces making sure you have 3 accent pieces.

During the course you will receive your Interior Design color wheel and select colour schemes using gorgeous fabric samples.

Students using the Interior Design Color Wheel

Students using the Interior Design Color Wheel

BIG THANKS as always to Benjamin Moore who graciously provides the paint decks for the students!

Make Sure to Give Sellers Their Homework! A Case Study…

Before we, as home stagers, decide on whether or not we want to take on a home staging job, I always advise going to see the property and meet the home seller and realtor whenever possible. There will be times in your career where you turn down a job because it’s not right for you. In this case I thought that it was very doable especially since I was bringing in some PRES graduates to assist the new students.

Over the years I have moved many desks – taken them apart and reconnected the computer quite easily. I did not give the client any homework (big mistake on my part) such as taking the desk apart and moving it up into the spare room that we would later make into an office. This home is fairly typical in our market of a family home in the suburbs. Even though it’s not a ‘showhome’ our job is to make it look at attractive as possible with what we have to use!

When I looked at this room it clearly was not what a buyer wanted to see as their ‘living room’. Pretty obvious to any home stager that this room needed to have living room furniture in it and not a big desk and one sofa, side table, lamp and small art pieces.


The way you live in your home is not the way you sell your house!

The way you live in your home is not the way you sell your house!

So that is what we did. We disassembled the desk and computer took it upstairs. We then took the sofa and love seat from the existing family room shown below and switched it.


Never block a view to the outside for any reason!

Never block a view to the outside for any reason!

And moved it into the living room to make it more inviting to a potential buyer…


Buyers are invited into this 'now' living room and can see their furniture here!

Buyers are invited into this ‘now’ living room and can see their furniture here!

Easy peasy job most of the time! Well it took 5 of us to get the desk apart and about 3 hours in total to put everything back together including carrying it upstairs and reassembling the desk and the computer so everything was in working order! This was MY LESSON and from now on whenever I or you see a desk like this – ask the client to disassemble and reassemble before you arrive.

Our job as home stagers is to give the home that WOW! look as much as possible so that it appeals to the buyer’s target market. We are ‘stage designers’ and thrive on creating beautiful looks by using our design talents!

What I learned and want to pass on to you:

• When you do your next consultation for a staging job take extra time to see how heavy some of the furniture is and ask the client to do their homework’ of either moving it to where it will show best or if you are not going to use it in the staging job them have them remove it (‘prepack’, sell, give away, etc)
• If there is heavy work involved hire movers or extra help to do that work if the seller is not able to and be sure to charge the seller for that
• If you are new to home staging brush up on your ‘computer connecting’ skills as you may have to take apart a computer or two and put them back together
• Make sure you have lots of the right tools in your tool kit for any job you have to tackle (Tomboy Tools have some great ones)
• Be patient with yourself when something challenging comes your way – you have the skills and talent to deal with it – sometimes it’s best to step away and then come back to it!

This property is listed for $549,900 MLS# F1303791 @realtor.ca

April 2nd RESA BC Chapter Meeting – Realtor Panel

If you missed the RESA Conference in San Francisco, Kym Tarr RESA BC Chapter president and the RESA board members thought they would bring a little bit of it home with them!

Hope you are able to join us! Register for this fantastic RESA BC Chapter event.
The RESA Conference is a wonderful way to keep up with staging trends, stay motivated, exchange staging stories with like-minded Stagers, and build our businesses.

For April’s meeting RESA BC Chapter is going to have a Q & A Panel of Professional Realtors from various locations around BC. The purpose of this panel is to give all an idea on how to create and maintain great relationships with their Realtor®/clients.

Feel free to pass on the invite to others, as one of the goals for 2013 for this chapter is to grow the membership!

Please Note, There is a $5.00 fee for RESA Members. $10.00 fee for Non RESA Members
Beverage and snacks will be served

DATE: Tuesday April 2, 2013 from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM PDT

LOCATION: Fraser Valley Real Estate Board – 15463 104 Avenue – Surrey, BC V3R 1N9

Kym Tarr – resabcchapter@gmail.com