How to Charge What You Are Worth and Get it!

You are not alone if you are struggling with charging what you think you are worth and/or raising your rates. Your ‘money story’ is directly related to your relationship to yourself. You are energy and your money is energy and all energy has a certain vibration to it. It is a scientific’ Law of Attraction’ fact that when you are ‘feeling’ worthy and valued you will attract more money. In this enewsletter I’m sharing with you my 7 Steps on How to Charge What You Are Worth & Get It! and I know that if you follow these 7 steps you will attract more money because you will see your true value.


    Every result that you achieve starts with a single thought in your head. Your thoughts are energy and negative thoughts carry a very low vibration — keep thinking those thoughts and you will continue to attract clients you don’t want and people around you who also have a negative mindset. Every time a negative thought enters your consciousness — STOP IT! and look for evidence in your life where you can turn that into a positive thought. Showing gratitude for what is working in your business carries one of the highest vibrations so practice that on a daily basis. Keep your thoughts positive and reread your client testimonials if you need a reminder about how much of a difference you made to someone!
    Have you determined how much money you want to make? We all have our unique definition of success and money is usually one of those measurements. With my coaching clients one of the key questions I ask them is how much money they want to make, and is this a part time or full time endeavor. Believe it or not, most people do not have a set goal of what they want to earn in the year. You need to set a monetary goal so that you can plan on how you can attain that goal. Your prosperity meter is entirely your choice – you decide is $10,000 or $100,000 your annual goal, or is it more. Set your monthly goal and your weekly goal. Take a look at how much time in the year you want to take off and factor that in. Be realistic and set your prosperity meter.
    If you are new to home staging you may not yet realize what HUGE value you bring to the table. If you have been in the business a while you may not be acknowledging just how fantastic your services are. Look at the monetary and emotional gain your clients achieve by the work that you do. Every home you stage is getting your best designs and creativity. Every seller is having the stress removed by working with a competent professional like yourself. Every realtor is having his reputation enhanced because his properties are selling because of the work you have done. Every buyer is rewarded by seeing the potential in a home that otherwise may have been overlooked. Surely you can see the VALUE of what you are bringing to the table to the seller, realtor and buyer!
    The most important thought for you to have is to know what you want and focus on this and quit grumbling about what you don’t want! This is Law of Attraction 101 – you attract into your life whatever you put your attention, energy and focus on whether wanted or unwanted. Your thoughts lead to your feelings and your feelings lead to your actions and your actions lead to your results. Take some time and set some goals about the number of clients you want to have, the money you want to make, the number of hours you want to work in a week and the time off you want to have for your family or just for yourself. Be very specific and realistic and then ‘allow’ this to come into your life. Notice every single time you get the smallest evidence that you are getting what you want and you will get more of it.
    It is good to start with an hourly rate but you can make more money by creating packages – usually 3 and start with your basic package and expand from here. It’s a good idea to make a list of your ‘Standard Services’ and then create a list for you ‘Value Added Services’. Give each package a memorable name and keep your client groups in mind. For example you may do a consultation and give some recommendations for the seller who wants to do most of the work themselves and call it ‘Do-It-Yourself Home Staging’ starting at $199 (or whatever works in your market). Each package will have more services added to it and go up in price because the ‘value’ has gone up too. It’s good to ‘throw in’ some extras from your ‘Value Added’ list. Value is all about perception so make sure you know what is ‘valued’ in your market by asking your clients.’
    As a home stager we cannot guarantee that a house will sell more quickly or sooner than a property that is not staged. However, we can claim that the newly staged property will look infinitely better than it did before you offered your professional services. You can guarantee that you will stay on budget and deliver on time (and ensure you do this!). There are many statistic available about the success of staging a property but the best statistics will be your own. When you are doing your sales call with the seller or realtor show them your portfolio and include the client testimonials with it. Prompt your client’s testimonial by asking them to comment on areas that show the ‘value’ of your work. Ask the client to include the emotional support you gave them as well as they end product results of your staging design work.
    Now that you have a better understanding of how your own thoughts were holding you back, take some time to set your new rates. Start with how much you want to make annually and work backwards from that to your monthly and weekly sales targets. For you to raise your rates you need to look at the evidence that you have about the value that you have been giving your clients. You also need to give your clients a reason that you are raising your rates so think about what ‘extra value’ you can give them. Is it that because you now have more experience you can get the job done quicker? your staging designs are the best? you blog on several social media sites about their listing? your reputation has increased in the market place and you are seen as the expert? your stagings are being featured in magazines now? Whatever the evidence is, let your clients know that you will be raising your rates to reflect this. You may decide to leave some of your ‘preferred’ client rates that you have with a realtor as they are. Let them know that and when they can expect their rates to increase.

Does the thought of picking up the phone or meeting with a realtor to ‘sell your services’ make you sick? It doesn’t have to if you put into practice a few of the simple Laws of Attraction …

The majority of home stagers and stylists are what are called ‘right brain thinkers’ meaning that they prefer to be in their creative, artistic mind rather than the ‘left brain’ of linear, logical thinking. I get that, but I also know the only way to grow your business consistently is by having both a marketing and sales system in place.

Having been a sales manager for a billion dollar service company, I was responsible for training branch managers and account reps. Some people are naturally good at sales and some are not – you may not have the personality for it. However, you still have to make sales to grow your business. So you have two choices that will grow your business:

  1. Learn how to attract more clients through applying the Law of Attraction
  2. Hire someone to make your initial sales call for you and then put into practice the Law of Attraction

Here are some facts about sales you may or may not know:

  • You will have some people that you only make one sale with and other clients may use your home staging services more often. In both cases you are ‘relationship building’, so treat each person with the goal in mind of referrals or future business.
  • Your future sales are based on your relationship with your client – keep in touch with them often so they continue to ‘know, like and trust’ you.
  • The more leads you have, the more opportunities you have for converting prospects into clients. You constantly and consistently need to market your business so you are not the best kept secret (networking is one of the best ways to do this).
  • There is a sales cycle that typically goes like this:
    • Identify a prospect and qualify to see if they are your ideal client.
    • Make an appointment with them.
    • Introduce the ‘features and benefits’ of your business using your amazing portfolio and raving fan testimonials.
    • Handle their objections.
    • Go through a series of ‘trial closes’ where they are getting closer to saying YES.
    • Convert them from a prospect to your ideal client.
  • When meeting with your prospect, do your homework and know something about them – find out what they ‘need’. Ask yourself why would they hire you, and be prepared to answer that question with authority and proof.
  • Many sales people start out by making calls to people they have met, i.e. warm calls, and they often have a script that they can follow if they need to. ‘Warm’ calls are easier to make than ‘cold’ calls and will take away that ‘sick’ feeling.
  • Very few personalities respond to ‘call center’ calls to get business, so make your calls personal even with your script – set your intention to get the appointment and then prepare for that initial meeting.
  • The more sales calls you make, the more sales you will have. Your confidence in being able to successfully make sales calls will come with each success – celebrate it!
  • You need to find ‘quality’ leads and be sure to ‘qualify’ them, before you spend your precious time meeting with them.
  • Understand that each buyer has his/her own buying style and you may need to adjust your selling style to connect with their buying style. There are many articles and books written on sales personality types, so take the time to find out what yours is, and how to sell to your type and to other types.
  • You need to have a ‘funnel system’ to get followers into your database and you need to have a ‘follow up’ system to stay in touch with prospects – even after you have converted them to the status of ‘client.’

And this is a short version of how you can change that ‘sick feeling’ of having to pick up the phone and make an appointment, to ‘I love making sales calls and I am in the process of attracting more clients every single day’ …


  1. IDENTIFY WHAT YOU DESIRE - Be very clear on who you want to attract – that’s all about your ideal client. Create a ‘Contrast/Clarity’ List of about 50 characteristics or actions. On the CONTRAST side, have a list of WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT and then write on the opposite side, a list of WHAT YOU DO WANT. Then, cross out everything on the Contrast side, and you have your Clarity list. Focus only on your CLARITY list.
  2. GIVE THIS DESIRE ATTENTION - Spend time thinking about what your meeting will look like – in their office, in a coffee shop; visualize the scenario or create a vision board showing you connecting with all types of potential clients. Since networking is one of the key ways to grow your business, make sure you are attending enough networking events where you will meet your ideal client. Then follow up.
  3. ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN – the Law of Attraction requires that you know what you want and take action to make it happen. But MOST IMPORTANTLY, you MUST BELIEVE – really feel – that this is possible. Every day, you need to look at the evidence of you getting one step closer to making a sale. Every time someone says ‘no’, this opens up space for someone to say ‘YES’. The way to ‘allow sales to come to you’ is to think about how many people have already been successful in making home staging sales. Make a list of ways they have been successful and write that down in 3rd person. If you really do believe and feel you will make a sale by using this ‘allowing’, your energy will start to shift into a positive state.

P.S. - ‘Hoping’ that prospects call you is not really a good sales strategy …

P.P.S. - The Law of Attraction states that whatever you put your attention, energy and focus on, whether wanted or unwanted, is what you will attract!

Celebrate Your Success To Get More Of It!

One of the tools that I use when I am coaching my clients is called the ‘Law of Celebration’. The law states that the more you celebrate the more you will attract situations, people, circumstances that make you joyful and happy. When you are celebrating you are FEELING good and the Law of Attraction is all over that – loves to give you more of it.

Here’s the reverse of that – keep on whining and complaining and guess what – you get more of that. Now this may not be you but you might know someone like this so to change up that negative energy ask them “So what do you want?” That will either have them walking away from you because they just really want to whine, or they’ll start to think of a different way to connect with you. We’ve all had clients like this and we can make the choice to finish up with them and never see them again!

Go back through your 2013 calendar and make a list of everything you have accomplished, or feel grateful for. It doesn’t matter if you consider it a small or big success they both feel the same and this just attracts more success. Here are some of the successes that PRES graduates and other stagers have shared with me:

  • I got my FIRST CLIENT!
  • I was able to buy a new car for my staging business this year!
  • My client actually gave me a tip – first time ever!
  • A job that I thought I was going to get didn’t happen – at first I was annoyed but then a better job came along that created more revenue for me!
  • I just keep getting better and better at creating WOW looks for my clients!
  • The last two testimonials I received were outstanding and I’m using them in all my marketing materials!
  • I finally started working on my marketing plan for 2014!
  • I totally ‘get’ who my ideal client is now – not who I had 2 years ago!
  • My article was posted in a prestigious magazine and is on line now!
  • I hired my first employee and now I can focus ‘on’ building my business while they work ‘in’ my business for me!

So whatever you are attracting that is positive in your life – CELEBRATE it in whatever way that looks like to you. I do my HAPPY DANCE and look absolutely ridiculous but it makes me happy. What can you do to celebrate yourself before 2014 arrives?

Do you have the passion, persistence and patience needed to be a successful home staging entrepreneur?

I don’t know when you decided that you wanted to become a home staging entrepreneur or why you did but I do know that the ‘life of an entrepreneur’ is not necessarily an easy, steady climb to success. You may have thought it was going to be because you wanted it so badly and you are really good at it so naturally it ‘should’ be easy to succeed. Well the truth is that the entrepreneurial road is the ‘road less travelled’ because it isn’t easy. It tests your character and your belief in yourself (and perhaps even the Universe). But the rewards are great if you are willing to go the distance.

So when you find yourself coming up against roadblocks, challenges, sales not happening the way you planned, projects going sideways, clients not buying when you need them to – it’s time to examine what it’s going to take to get you through the rough spots.

There is of course a flip side to this – things do go smoothly, you achieve your sales targets, you love your clients, your clients love you and you get to do what you love! And for me this is why I am still doing what I started doing 10 years ago. And honestly I have gone through more roadblocks, bumps and hurdles than I ever thought possible. And yet, look where it has taken me — down the ‘road less travelled’ and the journey just keeps getting more interesting. I think it’s a road well worth travelling and I hope you do too!

So here are 3 things that will help take you through the ‘ups and downs’ of being a home staging entrepreneur …


  • Without being passionate about your work you will soon come to resent what you are doing especially if you get to the stage of doing it only for ‘the money’.
  • If you had passion for it at one time, what’s changed? Are you doing too many of the things you don’t love to do? Delegate them — look at what it’s costing you not to delegate.
  • Perhaps it’s time to just take a break from what you are doing. Take some time to reflect and ask yourself “If I could do anything in the world would I be doing home staging?” Depending on the answer what is it that you need to change to get where you want to go?
  • If you are not passionate about your work your clients can easily see this and in the process you become very unauthentic and unattractive to them and to yourself.


  • Without you being persistent in taking ‘consistent action’ to create a successful home staging business nothing will happen to move you forward.
  • Being persistent means that no matter what your little voice is telling you to do – like throw in the towel and go do something else – do not buy into this – call your coach or a supporter who can help you see the situation in a positive light.
  • Your obstacles are only temporary and everyone has them – it goes with the territory – it’s how you respond to them and the solutions that you find that build your character on your journey.
  • It might just happen that by your persistence you reach a new level and make new connections that open up some new revenue streams you had never thought. You will never know if you don’t persist …


  • When I’m coaching home stagers I hear this a lot: How can I be patient when I see my expenses exceed my revenues? Every new business faces this scenario. So plan for this. You have to have some faith that everything happens for a reason and that reason is there to serve you. Calm down and decide what is it that you can do to get some business coming your way. Perhaps you haven’t been doing the marketing that you need to be doing. What can you do to attract some new clients?
  • I can also tell you that if you are not patient you will never know what you could have accomplished. Do you want the ‘What if’ scenario? What if I would have been patient just a bit longer for my business to take off. What could I have accomplished? Without patience you will never know …
  • The ‘timing’ of the Universe is not necessarily your timing is it? While many of us would like to be able to control more things in our life, timing is something we can never control. The ‘life happens’ stuff happens to all entrepreneurs so be patient and stay focused only on what you want to attract.

The Art of Balancing Your Work and Personal Life is a Choice!

Many coaches, including myself, use this type of ‘balance wheel’ to have our clients check in with themselves when they are feeling overwhelmed and cranky! When any of us as home stagers, stylists, decorators, etc. feel undervalued it might just be because we are trying to ‘be all things to all people’ and that will never work.

Whether you are just starting your home staging or styling business, or have been in business much longer, there are going to be times when your life will be out of balance and one aspect of your life will take over. We all know that the ‘life happens’ stuff can get us off balance but it’s when we are back to a more normal life that we can make choices about how to balance our work and personal time.

If you are just starting out then I suspect you will be spending a great deal of time in growing your business/career. During this time of excitement you might not notice that other areas of your life are being neglected. It’s great to set goals for your business and you might just need to explain to your family that there will be some changes while you set up routines for your new business. For more seasoned professional stagers and stylists, you may have slipped into some bad habits that aren’t really satisfying for you any longer. Is it time you delegated more of your work that you really don’t have to be doing? We all have the same number of hours in the day and week so why not take some time to set up a schedule with a plan that allows you to focus on what you want your day/week to look like.

balance wheel


Over the years I have learned this to be true:

Change your thoughts ~ Change your actions ~ and your results Change.
Do nothing and nothing changes.

Here are a few tips that might help you change your habits that are not working for you to create a more balanced life:

  • Know that you do have enough time to get done ‘what matters most’
  • Nothing is perfect in life so strive for your ‘good enough’
  • Be patient when things don’t go your way in your business or personal life – when we sometimes try and force things to happen – they don’t!
  • You decide what balance looks like for you – set new boundaries if you need to
  • Know that at times one area of your life may require more time – do it – then but get back to your normal
  • Take lots of ‘me time’ to just be – breathe slowly and get focused on one task only
  • Remember to ‘high five’ yourself or acknowledge your achievements with ‘good job’ (first name)