Are Your Limiting Beliefs Stopping Your Success?

Having the ‘right’ mindset is critical to every home staging entrepreneurs’ success. Our thoughts or beliefs shape our lives and allow us to make the decisions that we make in life and in our business. Interesting that studies show that most people fill their heads with negative thoughts! Negative thinking can be a bad habit that some people are addicted to and if they spend a lot of time reading newspapers and/or watching news then 90% of that news is negative because it’s what sells!

I like this simple definition of ‘Mindset’:


And beliefs are thoughts that you keep thinking over and over whether they are making your life or home staging business better or not. Your current business reality reflects your beliefs and the expectations/results that arise from your beliefs. Do you see yourself as successful or as a failure?

The good news is that you can change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts, and once you have more positive thoughts you believe more positive things are possible in your life and business. And more importantly,

If you change a belief your expectations will change too.

And once your expectations change you create a new reality for yourself. Now I’m not saying it’s easy but there are several techniques that you can use to change your beliefs and reprogram your thoughts. You could study NLP (neuro linguistic programming) or practice EFT (emotional freedom technique) but here is a simpler solution:

Whenever a negative thought comes into your mind, find the BEST that you can in that situation so that you create a positive thought.

And once you continue to be aware of a negative thought, you can thank it for sharing, and ask it to leave. Replace it with a new thought focused on what you want your reality to be. As a home stager it makes sense that you want to attract great ideal clients and create a thriving business.

Changing your thoughts and non-serving beliefs takes time and practice. Be patient with yourself and start now, one thought at a time…

Here are a few suggestions that might just work for you:

  • Start hanging around with more positive like-minded people and get in their energy it will help lift you up
  • Get clear on what it is you want in your home staging business – find out what business model works for you and immerse yourself in creating success
  • Set your intention before you start your work so that you know what results you are expecting – every day and long term
  • Stay focused on attaining the goals that you set but keep them realistic and attainable
  • If you go off course, correct and continue and high-five yourself for getting as far as you have in your business
  • Celebrate ALL your successes – you raise your energy level by acknowledging what has worked well for you and what you have learned
  • Expect what you want to happen – see it in your mind’s eye and hang around with people who are successful – create a vision board that shows your success
  • Model behavior that you admire and that makes you feel good – if you know another home stager who is massively successful check out what they are doing on social media sites and sign up for their newsletter
  • Everything happens for a reason and that reason is there to serve you – find the lesson in your situation and learn from it
  • When negative mindfrick happens – say ‘thanks for sharing’ and think a positive thought – what’s the best thing that can happen next
  • Spend a lot less time watching the news and reading about negative news – read uplifting books or get daily quotations that get you in the right mindset

Having a ‘winner’s mindset’ might take a little time for you, or you may already have that mindset. You’ve heard the expression ‘If you think you can, you can and if you think you can’t you can’t’. There are hundreds of home stagers who ‘think they can’ and who are creating successful home staging businesses and that is what is making this such a great industry to be part of!

How to Attract More ‘Ideal’ Realtors…

Targeting Your Ideal ClientWe think we’re pretty safe in saying that most new home stagers want to accept any work that comes their way. They might think that anyone with a pulse or a check book is a good prospect, right?

Wrong for a number of reasons, but perhaps right because they will learn soon enough the type of realtor they want to avoid. We just call these ‘lessons’ and hopefully start to make better conscious choices about who we want to work with.

There are 3 steps to using what is called the ‘Law of Attraction – Deliberate Attraction’ process. Just have fun with this method and see what you do attract!

Step 1 – Identify Your Ideal Realtor

Make a list of the qualities you want in your ‘Ideal Realtor’. What seems to have brought the most success to home stagers in metropolitan areas working with realtors is to have 3 or 4 consistent, like-minded realtors who completely trust you and let you make the necessary decisions about staging. These are your ‘perfect ideal realtors’ – they pay on time, pay easily and happily, respect your company’s ability, praise your work to other realtors and clients, refer you often and never question what you have done.

You are part of their team and they also market your company in their promotional materials. They know they cannot succeed without you and your expertise. You have a meaningful, fulfilling relationship and you are their first call for home staging. They understand that if they have a client who is not happy with something that you have done, that you are prepared to sit down and discuss another solution for them. You are their ‘go-to home staging company’ and they also expect that every member of your team is as professional as you! Think of it as a ‘marriage’ that rocks!

If you live in a more rural area you may need to be working with many realtors depending on the market and the number of listings in your area. The same process applies. Determine what you want your ideal realtor to be like and focus on finding them.

Step 2 – Give Your Desire Attention

Once you have decided the characteristics of your ‘ideal realtor’ now it’s time to start praising them! You might even consider doing a Vision Board where you have photos of who you want to work with and some of their listings. Start engaging with them on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter (if they use it) and Active Rain.

Start connecting with them (not stalking) but get to know more about them personally and from a professional level. Where do they hang out? What networking groups do they belong to? Do they go to a club that you could join? Do you know someone who could make an introduction for you? Have you contacted a real estate office to see if you can do a talk there? And, most importantly IF you did a talk at a realtor office what was your follow up like? Did you follow up or give up? If you gave up your vibration is low and on the negative side and you will only attract more of the same.

Step 3 – Allowing Your Ideal Realtor Business Relationship to Manifest

If you are on social media a fair bit you have probably been reading some blog posts that are bad mouthing realtors! We see it in the blogs posts all the time and we would like you to STOP doing that unless you are happy spending your time, money and energy attracting realtors who don’t return your calls, don’t respect you, ask how high you can jump, don’t want to pay what you are asking for and prefer to have you feel that you are crazy asking for what you are worth!

Instead focus on what you want your realtor to be like and you must PRAISE YOUR REALTOR even if none exist YET! This is what ‘allowing’ means in the Law of Attraction. Put out there what you want and start to notice any evidence of where the realtors are starting to show up in your life now.

If you have a meeting with a realtor who does not want to pay what you are worth, thank them for your time, stick to your pricing and move along until you attract another realtor more suited to you. Every single time you meet a realtor, hear from a realtor, see a realtor’s picture – think a positive thought about them and tell yourself how much you would enjoy working with them.

You will be surprised at what starts to show up in your life. Here’s something to remember…you might not get exactly what you want right away (although you might) but stay positive about anything that comes your way. Everything has the potential to lead to you attracting and working with your ideal realtor.

Sometimes it’s good to keep a journal of all your efforts and see what you are attracting. When you find yourself feeling disheartened go to someone’s website or social media site who you really admire and know that they too had their ups and downs and YET…they made it. You can too!

PS: Watch and listen to our ‘Free Webinar’ Savvy Marketing Tips for Stagers & Stylists to find out what ‘Action Steps’ you need to take in discovering and marketing to your ideal realtor.

PPS: If you want to learn more about the Law of Attraction watch and listen to Dana’s ‘Free Webinar’, Law of Attraction – Attract More of What You Want!

Thinking of giving up? Think about using the Law of Attraction to attract clients!

Using the Law of Attraction has increased my staging and realtor coaching business exponentially! I’ve been using this universal law to attract more clients on a consistent basis and it is amazing how simple the process is. I said ‘simple’ not easy because we all have many bad habits and negative beliefs that actually hold us back from achieving the results we want.

Everyone in business wants to attract more clients – this is a fact but how you are going about doing it may not be attracting a)your ideal client or b) any clients at all.

As a Law of Attraction Success Coach I use a simple’ 3 step Law of Attraction approach to help my coaching clients get MORE OF WHAT THEY WANT and LESS OF WHAT THEY DON’T WANT.

It goes like this:

1. IDENTIFY WHAT you want. Be specific. Create a ‘Clarity through Contrast’ worksheet and write down on the CONTRAST side WHAT YOU DON’T WANT and on the right hand side under CLARITY WHAT YOU DO WANT.

2. Give your DESIRE ATTENTION. Create a vision board, notice where it is showing up in your life even when it is not 100% perfect, express gratitude, act ‘as if’ you already had it, look for the evidence of where this is possible for you, feel it happening in your body, get excited.

3. ALLOW IT TO MANIFEST. Remove as much doubt as you can and belief that the clients you want to attract are also seeking you. Reframe your old beliefs into positive, high serving thoughts and feeligs. Then let what you desire ‘go’ send it out to the Universe and expect this or something better to manifest in your life.

If you would like a Complimentary Law of Attraction coaching call complete our About You online form and we’ll get back with you to set up a 30 minute complimentary coaching call!

Expect the best and allow it to manifest!