Looking for a great networking opportunity with 300 women?

Christine Awram founder of WOW (woman of worth) is ecstatic to be having the 10th Annual Woman Of Worth Awards Conference on May 31, 2014 at the Delta Grand Villa Hotel & Conference Centre in Burnaby/Vancouver area.

WOW logo

And I’m ecstatic because I am a FINALIST for the ‘WOW of Spirit Success & Soul’ category and deeply honoured. Because of this, Christine has generously offered my FRIENDS (and if you are reading this blog you are one) 50% OFF if you register before May 6th, 2014. If you and 9 other women want to reserve a table for 10 – one person is free! How awesome is that!

There is an amazing line up of speakers and with 300 women attending you can just imagine the ENERGY and the networking opportunities!

The Six Award Categories are as follows:
- WOW Leader of the Year
- WOW Mompreneur of the Year
- WOW of Health & Wellness
- WOW of Business & Prosperity
- WOW of Spirit Success & Soul
- WOW of Sustainable Living

Each Woman Of Worth Award candidate leads an empowered successful life by:
1. Valuing and respecting herself, as well as others.
2. Leading through empowerment and inspiration.
3. Experiencing challenges, and learning from them with fortitude and grace.
4. Standing as a role model with authenticity and courage.
5. Bringing the spirit of collaboration and celebration into the world.

So why not come out and bring a friend to an inspiring, empowering world-class event celbrating the leadership of women. You can even get a discount at the Delta Grand Villa Hotel and Conference Centre.

Time to Expand Your Home Staging Business?

At some point in time you will be making the decision whether or not you want to expand. Sometimes this decision can come about because you are feeling so exhausted from trying to do everything yourself. Or you may have hired on some contract workers but found that they are not always available when you need them. Regardless of ‘why’ you need to think about expanding there are some ways that are better than others.

Chances are you have heard this expression before and maybe not really understood what it meant, or perhaps you did but were not sure how you were going to accomplish this.

You want to be working ‘ON’ your business

not ‘IN’ your business…

Woman Multi-taskingWhen you are first starting up your home staging business you are juggling not only how to run your business but how to manage your life now that you are an entrepreneur. You may find that even though you have started your business your family members still have expectations of you doing all the great things for them that you have always done. I guarantee if you try to be all things to all people and not set any new boundaries – your life will be absolutely chaotic and absolutely no FUN!

So let’s take a look and how you can expand your business without the chaos, and where you get back to having more fun and doing what you love to do.

7 TIPS on Expanding Your Home Staging Business

  1. DELEGATE: Whether you are just starting or have been in business for a while decide what you can give to someone else to do. It does not necessarily mean that you aren’t good at it, it just may not be a good use of your time and energy. For me, one of the first things I delegated was my bookkeeping. It not only drains my energy, I’m terrible at it! Is it time for you to hire some contract assistance or is it time to hire your first employee? Your numbers will tell you that but so will the amount of energy you have to do what you do best.
  2. LEARN HOW TO SELL: This is every staging entrepreneurs Number 1 priority – you must know how to sell your services. You know what you do best and you are most likely the one person in your business who has the most ‘energy’ for making the sale. It doesn’t mean that you can’t ‘delegate’ someone to make follow up calls for you and set appointments, it does mean however, that you will be the one doing the sales call and closing the sale.
  3. FIND BALANCE: I don’t really believe that entrepreneurs will ever have balance in every area of their life so, I don’t suggest striving for that. What I do suggest is to find ‘your balance’ and most likely a good part of your week will be you working. You also need to take good care of yourself and this might mean some form of exercise, eating nutritious meals and taking some ‘me’ time. Set boundaries with your family and friends so everyone is clear when it’s personal time and when it’s your business time.
  4. REVISIT YOUR SERVICES: Every quarter I take a look at where my revenues are coming from and even ‘if’ I thought they ‘should’ come from one area and they are not – it’s time to focus on the area that generates the best income for my business. Always be open to changing your business plan if something is not working for you. The same goes for your marketing plan – if you had some strategies in place and they are not attracting new clients then change them and find out what will you in front of more clients.
  5. BECOME THE EXPERT: I know I’ve talked about this in a previous newsletter but it is important for you to stand out from other people offering the same services that you do. Be ‘creative’ not ‘competitive’. Provide more value than what the actual cash value of your services is. Get yourself known in your community through writing for your local paper, doing talks at realtor offices or libraries – people can only buy from you if they know about you!
  6. KEEP LEARNING: Continue to learn new tools to grow your business particularly in the area of social media – this needs to be part of your strategic marketing plan. I highly recommend checking out eVision Media‘s social media program if you are unclear about what you need to be doing. Check out networking groups in your area for speakers who can teach you more about growing your business. Find your local home staging networking groups and get involved with them. Find someone who is successful and follow them – you can always do what they are doing – make it authentically yours.
  7. HIRE A COACH: Most home staging entrepreneurs that I coach love the creative, decorative, fun part of home staging and redesign. What they don’t love so much is ‘selling’ and ‘marketing’ their business. Their energy goes from a 10 (being high excitement) to a 1 within minutes when I ask about their plans and strategies. Find a business coach who is the right fit for you and invest the money in growing your business. Your coach can live anywhere but if they have experience in your business all the better.

How to Make Your Client Testimonials or Case Studies Work for YOU!

Testimonials or case studies are called ‘social proof’ that promote you in your business. They are a great marketing tool to use in your website, in any marketing materials such as business card, post cards, flyers, You Tube videos and even your enewsletter.

When I was recently coaching a home stager I was surprised when she said she had never thought to ask the home seller for a testimonial. She did express some frustration with Realtors® who didn’t get back to her with their promised testimonial. A testimonial can be a few words or a few sentences that express how the client (home seller or realtor) felt about your work. They are writing it from their perception.

A case study contains more factual and sometimes statistical information such as how long the property was on the market, the obstacles to the sale, how much more the property sold for over asking and other pertinent data. You can write this up yourself based on what you know about the property, the sale, etc.

Here are a few tips that will help you get the testimonials you want.

TIPS on how to RECEIVE and USE great testimonials in your marketing materials to position you as an EXPERT:

  • As a home stager you want to ask for testimonials from both your home seller and your realtor
  • Once you have completed the work, send out an email request for a testimonial and you can even ‘suggest’ topics that you want them to write about – ask them to talk about their emotions (nervous, excited, etc) and how they felt when they saw the reveal (what impressed them the most)
  • Vary your testimonials so that your potential clients can read about all of the services/differences that you make in staging, redesign and/or decorating or whatever services you offer
  • Put their text in italics to distinguish it from other text and use “quotation marks”
  • You can always shorten a testimonial as long as you leave in the integrity of the comments by using three dots like this … and continuing on
  • Never wait longer than one week for a testimonial because it is most likely you will not get it – a gentle email reminder OR write it for them and ask them to approve it or edit if they want to
  • Typically in our business because of privacy issues we don’t put last names attached to any home photos – so I recommend just using a first name and the city they live in
  • Always thank them for their testimonial either by email or better still send them a card – ‘Send Out Cards’ are great for this or any appropriate card – we all get too many emails and they can keep your card
  • Ask for referrals once you receive their testimonials and remember to keep in touch with them on a regular basis

NB: If you don’t have a TESTIMONIAL REQUEST FORM just email me and I’ll send you one that we use at PRES.

These are some of the HOME STAGING COACHING TESTIMONIALS that I have received. You can see that each one says something different and is very authentic to that coaching client.

“I had been in the home staging and redesign business for about three years and hadn’t seen the growth I had anticipated. I decided to work with a business coach and I really wanted someone who understood my industry and had experience in the areas I lacked. I had read several of Dana’s comments on Linked-In and she always seemed very generous with her advice and resources. After our initial “Get To Know You” phone call I knew this was who I wanted to help me take my business to the next level. During our bi-monthly chats we set goals and she held me accountable for my own successes. Dana has guided me through our time together with inspiration, humour, friendship and compassion.”

Angela – Toronto ON

“I took the PRES Training 5 years ago and also kept my “day job” because I felt so unsure about whether or not I would be successful. My passion for redesign and staging has not wavered, and recently I decided to take the plunge and make a full time commitment to my redesign business and hired Dana as my coach. Dana’s coaching has really helped move forward in my business and break through some emotional blocks. Using her ‘Law of Attraction for Women’ technique I have gained clarity and direction for my business, as well as inspiration and confidence as an entrepreneur. I feel empowered and encouraged by the progress I am beginning to see. Dana coaching and guidance has been magic!”

Mary Ann – North Vancouver BC

“After 2 years in business without success I decided that I was ready to make a change and give my business my all. I said to myself I’m going to give it a year and if things don’t improve I’m calling it quits. I purchased Dana’s 10 Best Marketing Tips, hoping I would find new ways to market my business. I chose Dana has a coach because she is a home stager and thought she would be more helpful to me because of that. I am so glad I did! Dana has helped me so much! My confidence has greatly improved and having the ‘Goals List’ after each call has kept me on task and focused. Her coaching has lead me to making contact with an investor and realtor who are interested in working with me, which I am so excited about. I would definitely recommend Dana as a coach if you are a home stager who feels lost and doesn’t know what to do next, like I was.”

Debbie – Richmond VA

“I took the PRES Staging and Redesign course at the beginning of this year, excited and nervous about starting my own business. It was such a fun and informative course and got me so excited about getting started. I feel I came away with knowledge about the business, contact information and names of people in the industry who could help me put the pieces together and start my business off on the right foot. Dana was always supportive and gave me opportunities to help her and continue my learning even after the course was completed.

I decided to hire her as a business coach recently and by the end of our 6 phone meetings I had a better and more professional website, redesign jobs on the calendar, articles in newspapers and was comfortable participating in and understanding networking groups. I now have a business I LOVE to do every day and continue to feel inspired and supported by Dana.

Thank you for everything Dana! I’m sad to know that our calls have ended because I often think of things I want to chat with you about. I can hear you now saying “keep in touch I’m not going anywhere!” and I really appreciate that about you!”

Joanne – New Westminster BC

Here’s a few sweet, short words from Louise – Chilliwack BC

Thank you from the bottom of my HEART! Your PASSION and ENTHUSIASM to help home stagers & designers to SUCCEED is AMAZING!

Celebrate Your Success To Get More Of It!

One of the tools that I use when I am coaching my clients is called the ‘Law of Celebration’. The law states that the more you celebrate the more you will attract situations, people, circumstances that make you joyful and happy. When you are celebrating you are FEELING good and the Law of Attraction is all over that – loves to give you more of it.

Here’s the reverse of that – keep on whining and complaining and guess what – you get more of that. Now this may not be you but you might know someone like this so to change up that negative energy ask them “So what do you want?” That will either have them walking away from you because they just really want to whine, or they’ll start to think of a different way to connect with you. We’ve all had clients like this and we can make the choice to finish up with them and never see them again!

Go back through your 2013 calendar and make a list of everything you have accomplished, or feel grateful for. It doesn’t matter if you consider it a small or big success they both feel the same and this just attracts more success. Here are some of the successes that PRES graduates and other stagers have shared with me:

  • I got my FIRST CLIENT!
  • I was able to buy a new car for my staging business this year!
  • My client actually gave me a tip – first time ever!
  • A job that I thought I was going to get didn’t happen – at first I was annoyed but then a better job came along that created more revenue for me!
  • I just keep getting better and better at creating WOW looks for my clients!
  • The last two testimonials I received were outstanding and I’m using them in all my marketing materials!
  • I finally started working on my marketing plan for 2014!
  • I totally ‘get’ who my ideal client is now – not who I had 2 years ago!
  • My article was posted in a prestigious magazine and is on line now!
  • I hired my first employee and now I can focus ‘on’ building my business while they work ‘in’ my business for me!

So whatever you are attracting that is positive in your life – CELEBRATE it in whatever way that looks like to you. I do my HAPPY DANCE and look absolutely ridiculous but it makes me happy. What can you do to celebrate yourself before 2014 arrives?

Setting Your Intentions — Your PRES Top 10!

In your business there are many universal laws at work. One of them is the ‘Law of Intention’ which is based on the fact that…

there is always an infinite amount of energy and information
present to create whatever you want.

What this means for you as a home staging entrepreneur is that first you need to decide ‘what’ you want, take some ‘action steps’ to create it, and ‘believe by feeling’ that you can create it. Spend some time visualizing what you want and ‘acting as if’ you already had achieved what you want. Another little twist on this type of thinking, is that you also have to let your idea of exactly how this has to show up in your life – go.

What might some of your intentions be at this time of year? Take a look at this list for home staging entrepreneurs and feel what resonates with you. Use the following phrase in front of each one below and you will know whether or not it’s something you really ‘intend’ to do or not. If you don’t get a good feeling from it, decide if it is something you don’t need to do at this time or is there some resistance coming up around it that you might want to examine more closely?

I (insert your first name) intend to:

1.     Review my 2013 Revenue Streams to date to determine where my sales came from. Once I do this I can decide what areas I need to focus on more or let go. My main source of revenues is from (fill in the blank) and I plan on increasing this by x%.

2.     Put systems into place that allow my business to flow more easily and free up time for work I need to do. I intend to delegate where it makes sense to pay someone to do things I do not do well and/or no longer want to do because I make more money doing other work I love.

3.     Have more balance in my life – create time for family and friends – my business is part of a healthy life but not my whole life focus. Take good care of myself having ‘me time’ so that I feel refreshed and am happy and productive doing the work I love.

4.     Complete a 90 day marketing plan that I can easily follow so that my ‘sales funnel’ is never empty and I am always attracting more new clients. One of my key tactics will be to (fill in the blank – network more, do more social media, secure some speaking engagements, have more ‘get to know me’ meetings, etc).

5.     Create more strategic alliances this year so that others (my unpaid sales force) can refer me. I will focus on having excellent relations with my alliances so we can both cross promote.

6.     Follow up with past clients to build stronger relationships this year and let go of relationships that drain me energetically and financially. Use more stay-in-touch tactics that are more personal than just emails/blogs/posts.

7.     Revisit my ‘ideal client list’ so that I am totally clear on who my target audience is and how to market and attract them. With new clarity I can find more opportunities and inject some new interest in my work and do some out-of-the-box marketing.

8.     Continue taking professional development courses, reading books, attending trade shows and conferences that help me grow personally and professionally.

9.     Pick up the phone more and meet with more potential clients and clients in person – and limit the number of texts and emails I am a slave to. These actions will allow me to be more engaging and sustain longer term relationships.

10. Determine when the time is right to hire a coach/mentor who can help me take my business to the next level.

If you do not set your intentions someone else will, so try and do this on a daily basis and you will be absolutely amazed at the results. They will change your life.

Is Social Media a ‘Time Waster’ For You?

If you are a home stager, redesigner, decorator, professional organizer or feng shui consultant it’s most likely that you are doing most of your on-line marketing yourself or you may have hired someone to do it for you. Your on-line marketing starts with your website, email campaigns and connects with your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Since marketing is all about ‘educating & informing your ideal client’ it makes sense that you can do this through social media. Here are a few quick facts about social media:

  • Facebook has over 750 million users – 86% of Canadians use Facebook and 50% of Canadians are on social network sites
  • Almost 2/3 of the social media users in Canada are 35 – 54 years old and 40% of people over 55 are actively using social media
  • 50% of small business owners reported gaining new customers through social media – notably Facebook and LinkedIn
  • The most popular sites in North America for small business are Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube and Twitter

In your business the purpose of using social media is to increase your brand awareness so that you can get more traffic to your website. By getting more traffic to your website you have more leads, and more leads take you to more sales. Social media works because it:

  1. Connects you with your ideal client – once people like what they are reading/seeing (photos and videos get read more) they will sign up to be a follower of your posts – they can also let their followers know about you
  2. Creates more visibility for your brand for brand recognition – your image i.e. logo, keywords, tag lines, etc, need to reflect a consistent brand so your audience will recognize and remember you quickly
  3. Promotes your business - by you supplying interesting content of value to your audience they will keep coming back for more. Actual promotions or discounts or free offers can work well as long as they are not too salesy

But I admit it can be a ‘time waster’ if you don’t set some boundaries and goals around the amount of time you are blogging, posting, writing or responding to discussions that interest you. Experts say 15 minutes a day is great for staying connected and visible. Many businesses automate their postings through Hoot Suite or Ping so that they just write one post and it automatically goes to their other sites. The only cost to doing your posts, blogs, etc is your time and if you find that is too valuable you can hire a copywriter. Or take time to write out a month’s worth of blogs or posts and schedule them to go out through the month. This can cut down on your daily time.

You can also pay for advertising on many social media sites like Facebook and of course the world of Google provides opportunity for recognition with good SEO work as well as paying for ads.

The question to ask yourself is which social media sites will you spend time on to increase your revenues – and is this your goal? You can measure your success (view traffic and conversions) by using many of the tools on these sites and many are free. SEO work of course is another one of your measuring tools that you can hire someone for or do yourself.

So what does all of this mean to you? If you think social media is a ‘time waster’ then I would really suggest that you revisit who your ideal client is and find out which social media sites they hang out on. You might just enjoy it!

Is it Time To Revisit Who Your Ideal Client Is?

It’s been my experience and observation in this business that your ‘Ideal Client’ will most likely change over time for one main reason:

You have changed your business model so you have a new focus. Perhaps you have added or deleted some services. This is most likely because you have recognized that in order to continue to be profitable you need to make some changes. And being profitable is what business is all about!

And getting total clarity on knowing who your ideal client is, is your first step before you create any of your marketing materials. All of your branding and your USP will be built around getting the attention of your ideal client. This is of course assuming that you have clarity on ‘what you are selling’.

As a home stager and/or redesigner you will have two primary target groups that you offer your services to – realtors and home sellers/owners. Your secondary target group could be home builders and investors. Another important group will be your strategic alliances and some of your industry-related professionals. It’s important to know who you are targeting so you know where you can find them, what compelling message they need to hear from you and how you will deliver your message to them.

There are 4 Key Areas for you to look at when identifying your ‘Ideal Client’:

  • Geographics – where do they live (how far are you willing to travel?)
  • Demographics – gender, age, family status, monetary status, etc.
  • Off-Line Psychographics – where do they shop (clothing, furniture home décor items, tiles, flooring), work out, eat, hang out, any religious/spiritual groups, any cultural association etc.

  • On-Line Psychographics – what social media sites do they use (Facebook, Active Rain, LinkedIn, Houzz, Pinterest), what websites do they check out, what groups have they joined, etc.

You will not be an ideal fit for every client out there – so make sure that your branding is attracting the type of client you are looking for. If you are a solo-entrepreneur home stager then you are your brand. Since your brand symbolizes your identity, your promise and the experience you deliver every single time – your ideal client is expecting your company to provide them with the results they are looking for.


PRES Courses

Take some time to work through this DETERMINING YOUR IDEAL CLIENT EXERCISE. In a previous enewsletter about Creating An Ideal Client Profile you will see a different focus on personality type and values. I invite you to take a look at that to learn more.

1. Know your IDEAL customer client (also known as market, target market, client, prospect customer profile, audience, segment and/or niche).

2. Create a message that speaks to your IDEAL client. What would they want to hear from you? How do you solve their problem? How do you get them the results they want?

3. Select effective marketing tactics that reach your IDEAL client. There are hundreds to choose from so find the BEST ones that will attract your ideal client.

If you don’t have an ideal client yet do your best to come up with answers to these 4 key areas, and if you have not met your ideal client yet – think and feel what that would be like to work with them.


Geographics Demographics Psychographics On-Line Psychographics
Where will you find them – be specific Age, gender, income family, pets Where do they shop, what do they read, where would they volunteer What websites will they look at; what kind of social media do they use









“Dirty, Sexy Money’ was Kimberley Seldon’s TOP 10 TIPS!

In my coaching practice one of the most often talked about issues is women entrepreneurs’ fear of charging what they are worth. Which is why Kimberley Seldon’s Talk ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ was so well attended!

Patti Kimberly Dana

Kimberley asked the stagers/decorators/designers/stylists to think about HOW they wanted to be perceived in the market place. She asked “Are you a Walmart brand or Hermes?”

These are her 10 TOP TIPS to comfortably and confidently charge what you are worth:

1. Focus on your expertise
2. Charge for your expertise
3. Charge for ALL your hours worked
4. Mark Up Trades Work
5. Share your discounts with your clients
6. Up Sell your services
7. Limit your suppliers
8. Focus your marketing
9. Limit exceptions to your rules & systems
10. Learn to say NO

PS If you want some help with this sign up for a Complimentary Coaching session by clicking on this ABOUT YOU link and we can get rid of your money story blocks that are not serving you!

Are you taking advantage of Agent’s ‘Open House’ Tours?

Angela McKinnon of Home Dreams Home Staging is having a great time this summer getting new marketing materials together for her marketing campaign introducing her ‘Sizzling Summer Specials’ to realtors.

I’ve been coaching and mentoring Angela for the past few months and have really enjoyed how committed she is to taking her home staging and decorating business to a new level. I spend a lot of time working on branding, marketing messages and tactics that my coaching clients can use to attract more clients.

If you are feeling a bit sluggish and running out of ideas think about doing a few of these tactics to get connected or reconnected with your realtor clients. After all, if you are not out there staying connected someone else will be!

Some ‘Sizzling Summer Marketing Ideas’:

* follow up from any talks that you did earlier in the year with your ‘Sizzling Summer Special’
* Make an outrageous offer – why not 50% OFF – with the end date of a month but no longer than two months
* go to a real estate office where there are realtors that you would like to work with or are already working with and ASK for the list of AGENT’S OPEN HOUSES for that week. (Angela was smart – she brought a nice bouquet of flowers for the receptionist :))
* create a one page flyer with your BEST ‘Before & After’ photos and print it in colour with bullet points about the RESULTS the realtor’s clients will get by using this ‘Sizzling Summer Special’
* since summer is a more relaxed time for everyone – find out when the realtor’s golf tournaments or barbecues are and ASK if you can join them
* make mention of your ‘Sizzling Summer Special’ offer in your next enewsletter

Have fun – get creative in your own ‘Sizzling Summer Special’ offer!

Last day for $97 Top 10 BEST Marketing Strategies for Stagers & Sylists online course!

Last month we launched a brand new live, online course, Top 10 BEST Marketing Strategies for Stagers & Stylists and I’m thrilled to say it was a resounding success! The rave reviews that came in gave me an overwhelming affirmation of gratitude in knowing just how powerful this course is and how much it helped those in the course.

The live course has now ended and my team and I have packaged it up, ready to hit the streets!

I am pleased to announce you now can get instant access to the course materials so you can learn and get inspired from the 100s of ideas, tips and tools you can easily implement in your business.

Let’s be honest here, shall we? Most home stagers and stylists are fantastic at the creative design part of their business … but not so good at marketing and promoting themselves.

Am I right?

If this sounds like you … then you simply must look at this RIDICULOUS SPECIAL OFFER I have for you!

I believe in this product so much that I want everyone who is willing to make a small investment in themselves to DO IT NOW!

Regular Price for this 7 Lesson Webinar: $397

Limited Time Offer: $97* plus tax!

Expires May 13th at midnight

Warning: This offer will not be repeated — ever!

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“For the first time ever, I am sharing how to properly market your home styling and staging business and have laid out my years of education and experience for you, step-by-step, in this 6 week ‘learn from home’ format!”

Does this sound familiar?

  • You feel overwhelmed with all the ideas you’ve heard about marketing and don’t know the best ones for your home staging and styling business.

  • You dream about being able to understand enough marketing to help build your business.

  • Despite your best efforts, it’s hard to get your staging business off the ground and are getting frustrated at the lack of results so far.

  • The thought of “marketing” makes you want to hide under the covers and hope, because you have a website, that clients will just call you!

  • You have the passion and the drive but lack the marketing know-how and business tools you need to build a successful 6-figure home staging business.

If any of the above resonates with you . . . you are in the right place!

You CAN have a successful business without having to invest thousands of dollars with people who have never been in this industry! I started out as an interior decorator, added redesign to my business and then home staging and I grew it from the ground up to a 6 figure business.

If I CAN do it, so CAN you!

And that’s why I want to invite you to my newest “Learn From Home” training course …

“Top 10 BEST Marketing Strategies
to Grow Your Home Staging &
Styling Business “

Here’s what you’ll learn during this 6-lesson (plus bonus) intensive home-study program:

Module 1

Understanding How Marketing Grows Your Business

  • Learn what marketing is and more importantly, what it is not so you can stop spinning your wheels
  • Discover how ‘push and pull’ marketing both work when attracting ideal clients
  • Find out how to build your list and why this is critical to your on-going success
  • Learn hundreds of marketing tactics you can use both ‘online and offline’
Module 2

Identifying your Ideal Client & Your Message

  • Gain clarity on exactly what your service and/or product offerings are and learn why ‘packaging’ is a key component to long-term success
  • Learn the 4 key areas you need to use to identify your ideal client
  • Explore your brand ‘message’ and USP; learn how to make it more effective to get the results you seek
  • Create a position statement that will boost you as an expert in your field even with little experience
Module 3

The Top 1 – 3 BEST Marketing Strategies

  • Find out how and why networking allows potential clients to ‘know you, like you and trust you’ — create your infomercial and gain confidence
  • Speaking Engagements are the vehicle for you to be seen and heard; learn how to find them, how to get them and when to do them
  • Discover the key ingredients to a successful professional website; gain ideas to creating your irresistible offer and your enewsletter sign up on your website
  • Understand how these 3 marketing tactics contribute to successful list (or tribe) building and why you need them in your funnel
Module 4

The Top 4 – 6 BEST Marketing Strategies

  • Stay-In-Touch marketing; this single strategy will ensure you stay ‘engaged’ with your potential clients and existing clients
  • Social Media; how to make the most of your time and stop wasting precious energy on doing it the wrong way and on the wrong sites
  • Trade Shows; the in’s and out’s of gaining market share; learn which shows are the best, when to do them, and where
  • Discover how to get a great ROI as a participant or an attendee
Module 5

The Top 7 – 10 BEST Marketing Strategies

  • Learn how to train your ‘unpaid sales force’ to give you ‘raving fan testimonials through WOM (word of mouth) referrals
  • Find out why Open Houses provide a great opportunity to market your business
  • Discover why taking part in Charities/Auctions/Golf Tournaments can greatly enhance your business image and reputation
  • Your articles/e-articles can quickly make you the ‘perceived’ or ‘real’ expert in your field; learn what appeals to your ideal client and how to engage them
Module 6

Developing Your Marketing Wheel and 90 Day Marketing Plan

  • Determine your Top 10 BEST marketing tactics
  • Review a sample 90 Day Marketing Plan
  • Create your unique marketing wheel from your Top 10 BEST marketing tactics
  • Create your 90 Day Marketing Plan
  • Understand how to use the Law of Attraction in creating your business success


90 Minutes with Website Developer & eMarketing Strategist Susan Friesen of eVision Media. Whether you are in the start-up stage or have an existing website you NEED to KNOW what Susan has to tell you to make your website, aka your ‘storefront,’ a WOW!

Regular Price for this 7 Lesson Webinar: $397

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Read what some of the course students have to say …

What I found most helpful was the top 3 BEST marketing strategies lesson. That lesson inspired me to take the plunge and hire a part time assistant to be consistent with follow up with realtors and home owners. The template Dana provided made it easier for me to focus and clearly define the type of ideal clients I feel best suited to work with. The MP4 downloads were fantastic – templates were all very well laid out and easy to follow. With my NOW very BUSY home staging business I can come back to these webinar audio materials and review when the time best works with my schedule.

Since I took Dana’s Top 10 BEST Marketing Strategies I am more focused and my business direction is more defined. I have always been passionate about educating home owners and realtors how they can best prepare their properties for today’s real estate market. In the past I have hosted talks in libraries, banking institutions and coffee shops but now since Dana’s course it’s really super exciting because I had a call from a realtor team and they are hosting a private function for all their clients and invited me as a guest speaker WOOOOOOOO!!

If you are sitting on the FENCE with your business this marketing seminar may turn your business from part-time to full- time as long as your prepared to take ACTION and follow some simple and positive suggestions!

PS: Thank you from the bottom of my HEART! Your PASSION and ENTHUSIASM to help home stagers & designers to SUCCEED is AMAZING!

Louise Henry – Pair Home Design


I’ve taken several of the PRES professional development courses and recently the webinar on Top 10 BEST Marketing Strategies. It was the best course I’ve ever taken!

I was already working on my marketing plan and this course provided many ideas that I decided to implement immediately.

I have set up a Client Appreciation Night with strategic alliances and have had a fantastic response to that event. I’m also doing a trade show at a women’s expo which will attract my ideal client. Because Dana said it’s smarter to continue to market to past clients I have been reconnecting with past clients and potential clients who have been opening my enewsletters.

Also having my website critiqued by a web developer expert Susan Friesen of eVision Media was a major bonus and I already started making changes. And did I mention a bonus follow-up call with Dana? After finishing the course Dana provided an extra bonus coaching call to help me prioritize my strategies for the next month and also gave me additional ideas about my events. I feel inspired and ready to grow my brand! The investment for any of the PRES staging training courses has always been worth it!

Valerie Westra – At First Sight Staging


After taking some time off from building my Home Staging Business, I knew some of the marketing strategies I applied previously, would not work as efficiently today. Dana’s Top 10 Best Marketing Strategies for Stagers and Stylists course was just what I needed. It allowed me to review some past material covered in her home staging course plus so much more.

She focused on all the key points I need to learn and embrace like social media and improving my website presence in 2013. I now have at my disposal all the up to date marketing strategies I will ever need to refer back to thanks to all your wonderful templates and handouts, whenever I need it.

Joanne Mackay – Ocean Breeze Staging


If you have any questions at all about this online course offering, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@presstaging.com and we’ll be happy to answer!

To your business success,

Dana J. Smithers