Did You Meet the Property Brothers in Vancouver?

The Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott of their latest television series ‘Buying & Selling’ took time out of their busy schedule to meet many of their fans at the Fluff Design Studio/Showroom last night.

Hundreds of people showed up and many were PRES graduate stagers. We all had our photo taken with the boys and their older brother was on site as well.

Drew - Dana - Jonathan at FLUFF DESIGNS

Drew – Dana – Jonathan at FLUFF DESIGNS

Some things I learned…

The Scott brothers are actually from Vancouver BC Canada! I wanted to talk with them more but Patti Houston Fluff owner extraordinaire – was busy keeping the line moving. What I did learn was that those properties that sell for $299,000 with a lot are actually in Austin Texas which is why they made no sense to those of us in the Vancouver or Toronto real estate market!

Jonathan and his crew do the work but he said generally it takes about twice that length of time and the price they quote for the job does not include his charges! Drew actually is a realtor but they are 3 very smart brothers who have formed an entertainment company and a real estate company Scott Real Estate. They get to use their acting talents to create a very interesting production of Property Brothers.

Jonathan telling Dana how the show 'really works...

Jonathan telling Dana how the show ‘really works…

Stay tuned for the FALL SEASON of Property Brothers in VANCOUVER working with Fluff Designs furnishings! Can’t wait to see the show.

Start & Run a Home Staging Business ready to preorder!

A year ago almost to this day, I signed a contract with Self Counsel Press to write a book on home staging for their Start & Run a Business series. Today I handed over the final galley proofs and now it is in their hands. It is due for publication February 2011. It was a dream on my ‘Bucket List’ and now that I have achieved it, I already have another book in mind!

My intention with the book is that existing home stagers, newbies and want-to-be stagers will find some business strategies or ideas in the book that will propel them forward on their road to success. If they are off track, I hope the book gets them back on track!

Over 10 years ago I took a big leap of faith and left a ‘secure’ corporate job and started out part time decorating, doing redesign and staging. I have truly loved doing the work. Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. It takes persistence, focus, action and a strong positive belief system that you can be successful. It can be a rocky road, with detours along the way and even speed bumps to stop the idea avalanche. Yet everything that has happened in my business – the good and the challenges has all made me stronger and I have immense faith in who I am.

For those of you who are going to buy my book I THANK YOU in advance. If you find yourself in a position where you know you can fast track with me as your coach and mentor, I look forward to serving you in that capacity. You can find me at www.EmpoweredWomenInBusiness.com.

Start & Run a Home Staging Business

RESA is growing in Metro Vancouver & Kelowna…

The home staging industry does not have a regulating body in North America. An organization called RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) is hoping to change that. RESA was founded in California and is slowly making its way across Canada.

From the website: RESA is a member governed trade association for Home Stagers. RESA was formed in order to support all professional real estate stagers also known as home stagers in North America. RESA is a portal to the home staging industry and is a source of education and business tools focusing on the needs of home stagers. Members have access to up-to-date information relative to the home staging industry, marketing support services and access to home staging continuing education providers.

Ontario has some Member Chapters and British Columbia is on the move! Kym Tarr of ShoeString Interior Home Staging in Kelowna is the BC Chapter President and the Metro Vancouver team is just putting things into place to start their chapter officially in the fall 2010. Heather Kleim of Epic Empire Designs and Heather Stewart of HS Home Staging hosted an informal meeting last night. It was well attended and there was a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm about moving forward.

If you are not familiar with RESA and you are a home stager, a realtor, mortgage broker, inspector or another industry related professional you are welcome to join! If you are interested contact Heather Kleim.

Metro Vancouver RESA Meeting

Advertising on a Smart Car – SMART!

Why a Smart Car you ask? Why not a Smart Car?

Firstly, it makes me smile and what makes me smile even more is to see it out in public with my company logo on it; Lois Interiors. It makes others smile, heads turn and usually produce a large toothy smile directed at me and my car. How can that not be good. Good for me, good for business and good for all those who smile at me, whether making fun of my peculiar little car or not…….it makes me smile.

Secondly, it’s a serious car……yes, it is. Built by Mercedes Benz and designed in conjunction with the quirky and successful Swatch company. It’s amazingly fuel friendly, impressively spacious, handles like it knows what I want it to do and……..it makes me smile.

Thirdly, as a Home Stager it’s important to be able to pack things into my vehicle; decor things, pretty things, picture hanging things, and tool things……….it all fits into this fabulous little car and………that makes me (and others) smile.

Happy Home Staging by Lois of Lois Interiors covering the Vancouver Lower Mainland

Lois North Smart Car

Mark Ainley Teaches Contemporary Feng Shui to PRES Members

The PRES Vancouver Area members were treated to a workshop with Contemporary Feng Shui expert Mark Ainley. Mark has been studying Feng Shui for many years and was introduced to Western Feng Shui through Rhea Peake. Mark terms his Feng Shui ‘Contemporary Feng Shui’. He does consulting work in Japan and ‘contemporary’ works much better for that client group!

Mark introduced the PRES Members to the 5 Elements of Feng Shui:

1. Earth
2. Fire
3. Wood
4. Metal
5. Water

It was fascinating to learn how to apply the 5 elements when we are staging a home, or doing a home makeover for living. By using at least 3 out of the 5 elements you can create balance and harmony in a space.

Feng Shui is a very deep subject and if you really want to become an expert in it take a look at some of the courses that Mark and others offers. Knowing a little about Feng Shui is better than not knowing anything about it. While it is growing in popularity in North America, like home staging the public needs to be educated on it.

Mark and PRES Founder & Creator Dana J. Smithers recorded a live webinar for PRES members outside the Vancouver Area to listen to.

PRES Members attend Spring BC Real Estate Trade Show

PRES stagers are brilliant in using trade shows as part of their marketing strategy! Trade shows are a great marketing strategy and while they do take time, money and energy the pay off can be huge IF you follow up! The best time for trade shows is in the spring and fall. There are industry specific trade shows with realtors and stagers and then the Home & Garden shows are a terrific way for PRES stagers to promote their business.

Earlier this year PRES stagers Deena Cottingham of Green Apple Staging and Janet Voth of Designing Spacez both servicing the Calgary area had a tremendous response with visitors to their booths.

PRES stagers on the West Coast have been active in a number of real estate trade shows and Sally Weatherley of Exit Stage Right was involved with the BC Real Estate Convention trade show held April 8th & 9th. She set up a fantastic looking booth and had a colleague Gita Wood help her out one morning.

Lois North of Lois Interiors attended the trade show and passed out her marketing materials such as her information packages and business cards. That’s a terrific strategy and one that is ‘FREE’. It involves your time and energy and is well worth it.

The key to any successful marketing strategy like a trade show is of course FOLLOW UP! PRES Stagers will have a draw for a ‘free’ staging consultation or perhaps a ‘free’ power stage or even as much as a ‘free home staging job’!

Gita, Sally, Lois

Sally's Inventory

Sally, Lois & Dana

Sally talking to attendee

Featuring our PRES Member Stagers

At the PRES Staging & Redesign school we are proud of our graduates. We believe we have some of the best stagers and redesigners in the West! Stay tuned for some of our featured PRES graduates who are doing some amazing projects that are a little bit ‘outside the box’ of our normal staging and redesign jobs!

If you are looking for a professional real estate stager to help prepare your home for selling or you need a professional redesigner to help create a new look for your home please check out Locate A Stager on our website. You will be very happy that you did!