Lots of women in their 60s are becoming home stagers!

Years ago when PRES first opened it’s doors to offer our 5 Day Signature Certified Home Staging and Redesign course most of the students were between the ages of 30 – 45. Interestingly enough over the years we are finding that many women from 50 – 65 are quitting or retiring from their boring, stale jobs to do something more creative. And, in almost all cases home staging and decorating are something that they have been doing their entire life, get oodles of compliments about it, and have finally given themselves permission to do something about it! While many do take the PRES home staging and redesign course, many take other online courses and then just STOP because they are unsure of how to really get the business going.

This is a recent testimonial from a women in her 60s who hired Dana J. Smithers the PRES Business Success Coach to help get her business off the ground. Even though she took another online staging course she felt she didn’t know enough to really confidently put herself out there. She had also signed up for a ‘Law of Attraction’ course that Dana teaches and that helped her get focused on who she wanted as an ideal client and what her ideal ‘part time business’ would look like. She had the right mindset after that!

Jean Shatalow

My last call with Dana was bittersweet. “Bitter” because I knew this was the end of our three month coaching call program and “sweet” because with a job well done by Dana, I have a confidence that is helping me move on to achieve my dream of being a professional home stager. By listening and asking key questions, Dana would put a plan of action together each call that helped me to stay focused and build my business with a firm foundation. Insightful advice, suggestions and wisdom given by Dana always helped me to see that all things are possible if one is willing to apply themselves to the task at hand. Dr. Seuss said, “You’re off to great places, today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!” I know I can be on my way thanks to Dana. Jean – Shatalow Home Staging.”

And even though Jean has work to do on her marketing materials like her website and getting more active in social media – she is taking one step at a time to get there! Congratulations Jean and we see huge success awaiting you!

Are you longing to become a home stager?

There have been some very exciting changes happening at the PRES® Staging Resource Centre and home stagers are busier than ever! This is all great news for anyone who is interested in moving into the exciting world of home staging and redesign. And even better news IF you REGISTER for the June 9 – 13, 2014 course by MAY 9th you SAVE $200!

Colleen and Dana at Fluff resized

Colleen McClure is the new Owner of PRES® and the Founder and Creative Director Dana Smithers is busier than ever with coaching home stagers throughout North America! Colleen and Dana have teamed up to maximize the learning you receive when you take either our Certified 5 days PRES Staging and Redesign ‘hands-on’ course or our Certified PRES online Home Staging and Redesign course. Colleen and Dana will be team training and Dana will continue to be the PRES Business Success Coach! Colleen taught her first PRES course in April to rave reviews!

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Colleen McClure with studentsCollee McClure at Fluff with new stagersGraduates with certificates

Understanding What Your Client is Going Through is Critical to Your Success as Home Stager and Redesigner…

When I teach the 5 day PRES home staging and redesign course I take the students into real clients’ homes so they can apply the 10 Step Formula theory that they learn in the classroom. In this home we did a ‘redesign’ which is technically a one-day home makeover for living, using the client’s existing furnishings. It is all about capturing the client’s personal tastes and validating what they have in their home does work – it just doesn’t quite work the way they had things set up.

Our training home client’s roller coaster of emotions went from excitement, to hesitation, to despair, to jumping in with both feet, to excitement, to angst of ‘what if it looks like how they like it and not how we like it’ to – finally JOY at the final outcome!

Some TIPS on Conducting the Client Interview/Consultation:

  • As soon as you meet the client acknowledge something attractive about their personal home décor items
  • Ask to take a tour of their home so you can ask them about things – I like to use the expression ‘Tell me about this’ so that way I know whether or not they are emotionally tied to a particular item
  • Continue to reassure them that they have lots to work with and how much you are looking forward to creating a new look for them – this builds their need to know, like and trust you
  • Ease their ‘fear of change’ by letting them know you offer a ‘Redesigners Guarantee’ which is to live with the changes for 2 weeks and if you still don’t like them you will come back and change things (in over 10 years I have never been called back to change anything)
  • Gain their trust and confidence by letting them know that they can always bring something back in and rotate the things we didn’t use
  • Really listen in the consultation to what their answers are to your questions – probe more if you feel they are hesitating about something and acknowledge the pieces of furniture or art that they really get excited about
  • If they start to ‘tell you’ where things should be placed and what should be moved into a certain space or room, they may not be a good client for a redesign. Tell them the more ‘open’ they are with allowing you to make changes the better the end result will be
  • Never tell your client exactly what you will do but make generalizations such as ‘we can move some of the furniture so the room flows more, and rehang some of the art so it works better together, showcase your gorgeous collections, etc.
  • Throughout the entire interview/consultation you are being very positive with your comments regardless of what you are thinking in your head!
  • In redesign as in staging, you do not need to ‘love’ the look of your client’s home nor their personal belongings or style – your job is to give them the best that you can and know that it will be so much better than what they could ever do
  • Listen for this commonly heard statement when you do the reveal “How clever, I never would have thought of that” and celebrate your success!

Does the thought of picking up the phone or meeting with a realtor to ‘sell your services’ make you sick? It doesn’t have to if you put into practice a few of the simple Laws of Attraction …

The majority of home stagers and stylists are what are called ‘right brain thinkers’ meaning that they prefer to be in their creative, artistic mind rather than the ‘left brain’ of linear, logical thinking. I get that, but I also know the only way to grow your business consistently is by having both a marketing and sales system in place.

Having been a sales manager for a billion dollar service company, I was responsible for training branch managers and account reps. Some people are naturally good at sales and some are not – you may not have the personality for it. However, you still have to make sales to grow your business. So you have two choices that will grow your business:

  1. Learn how to attract more clients through applying the Law of Attraction
  2. Hire someone to make your initial sales call for you and then put into practice the Law of Attraction

Here are some facts about sales you may or may not know:

  • You will have some people that you only make one sale with and other clients may use your home staging services more often. In both cases you are ‘relationship building’, so treat each person with the goal in mind of referrals or future business.
  • Your future sales are based on your relationship with your client – keep in touch with them often so they continue to ‘know, like and trust’ you.
  • The more leads you have, the more opportunities you have for converting prospects into clients. You constantly and consistently need to market your business so you are not the best kept secret (networking is one of the best ways to do this).
  • There is a sales cycle that typically goes like this:
    • Identify a prospect and qualify to see if they are your ideal client.
    • Make an appointment with them.
    • Introduce the ‘features and benefits’ of your business using your amazing portfolio and raving fan testimonials.
    • Handle their objections.
    • Go through a series of ‘trial closes’ where they are getting closer to saying YES.
    • Convert them from a prospect to your ideal client.
  • When meeting with your prospect, do your homework and know something about them – find out what they ‘need’. Ask yourself why would they hire you, and be prepared to answer that question with authority and proof.
  • Many sales people start out by making calls to people they have met, i.e. warm calls, and they often have a script that they can follow if they need to. ‘Warm’ calls are easier to make than ‘cold’ calls and will take away that ‘sick’ feeling.
  • Very few personalities respond to ‘call center’ calls to get business, so make your calls personal even with your script – set your intention to get the appointment and then prepare for that initial meeting.
  • The more sales calls you make, the more sales you will have. Your confidence in being able to successfully make sales calls will come with each success – celebrate it!
  • You need to find ‘quality’ leads and be sure to ‘qualify’ them, before you spend your precious time meeting with them.
  • Understand that each buyer has his/her own buying style and you may need to adjust your selling style to connect with their buying style. There are many articles and books written on sales personality types, so take the time to find out what yours is, and how to sell to your type and to other types.
  • You need to have a ‘funnel system’ to get followers into your database and you need to have a ‘follow up’ system to stay in touch with prospects – even after you have converted them to the status of ‘client.’

And this is a short version of how you can change that ‘sick feeling’ of having to pick up the phone and make an appointment, to ‘I love making sales calls and I am in the process of attracting more clients every single day’ …


  1. IDENTIFY WHAT YOU DESIRE - Be very clear on who you want to attract – that’s all about your ideal client. Create a ‘Contrast/Clarity’ List of about 50 characteristics or actions. On the CONTRAST side, have a list of WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT and then write on the opposite side, a list of WHAT YOU DO WANT. Then, cross out everything on the Contrast side, and you have your Clarity list. Focus only on your CLARITY list.
  2. GIVE THIS DESIRE ATTENTION - Spend time thinking about what your meeting will look like – in their office, in a coffee shop; visualize the scenario or create a vision board showing you connecting with all types of potential clients. Since networking is one of the key ways to grow your business, make sure you are attending enough networking events where you will meet your ideal client. Then follow up.
  3. ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN – the Law of Attraction requires that you know what you want and take action to make it happen. But MOST IMPORTANTLY, you MUST BELIEVE – really feel – that this is possible. Every day, you need to look at the evidence of you getting one step closer to making a sale. Every time someone says ‘no’, this opens up space for someone to say ‘YES’. The way to ‘allow sales to come to you’ is to think about how many people have already been successful in making home staging sales. Make a list of ways they have been successful and write that down in 3rd person. If you really do believe and feel you will make a sale by using this ‘allowing’, your energy will start to shift into a positive state.

P.S. - ‘Hoping’ that prospects call you is not really a good sales strategy …

P.P.S. - The Law of Attraction states that whatever you put your attention, energy and focus on, whether wanted or unwanted, is what you will attract!

The Importance of Celebrating Your Success

It is a well-known fact that women are such major multi-taskers that they rarely take time to celebrate what they have accomplished because they are already saying ‘Okay, what’s next on my list?’ We live in a very stress-filled world that focuses on the negative news and rarely on the positive so, you need to be vigilant and focus on the positive achievements in your life. When you feel more positive energy it affects your mind, body and soul in a healthy way.

CELEBRATING is the action of marking one’s pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in enjoyable, typically social activity.

And that event can be as small as finally learning how to upload a photo in Facebook or finally getting your business cards printed. For a home stager something larger to celebrate in the beginning is that ‘first client’ – whooooooooo hooooooooo on that one. When you finally land that sale with a realtor who you have been trying to get on board for the last six months – that’s worth celebrating in a big way!

SUCCESS – no one can define this for you except you.
For some people success is about the relationships they have attained over the year, for others knowing that they created a fantastic looking property with not much to work with is a great feeling of success. For some home stagers creating a 90 day marketing plan for 2013 can be very satisfying and rewarding. For most home stagers seeing positive cash flow with more growth expected in 2013 is pretty awesome. Finally using social media to increase brand awareness might just be the marketing tactic that made your year.

I resonate with this one published and written by Bessie Stanley in 1905. (Another adaptation is often and wrongly attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson).


Do You Know Why You Need Strategic Alliances?

As you start to think about growing your business you will soon realize that you need good Strategic Alliances that you can refer to your clients to do the necessary work needed to prepare a property for selling. It is critical that you have great relationships with anyone that you recommend to your clients. You may find that many of your strategic alliances will offer you referrals and/or commissions which can be another revenue income stream for your home staging business.

According to Wikipedia the definition for a Strategic Alliance is:

A formal relationship between two or more parties to pursue a set of agreed upon goals or to meet a critical business need while remaining independent organizations.

Since most home stagers are solopreneurs who hire contractors it would make sense that you have a ready and reliable source of strategic alliances to call upon and refer to your clients as needed. It is critical that you build great relationships with your alliances so that you can communicate when things are going well, and especially when things are not. Most home stagers will agree that certain trades people can have great intentions but they do not always deliver the required results in the time frame stated and often go over budget. It will be up to you to follow up and check on the quality of work your strategic alliance is delivering during the project, and when completed.

Many new home stagers say they do not have any strategic alliances and are at a loss as to where to find them. Have no fear, because they are everywhere and you probably already have some you were not aware of! For example think about who you or a family member has hired as a painter, contractor, gardener, handyman, electrician, etc. Ask them if they liked working with them and if they delivered what they promised on time and on budget. Over time you will be able to build up your strategic alliances so you can confidently refer them to your clients.

Another great way to build your strategic alliance list is by finding out who your clients have used in the past that they were happy with. Every time you meet someone new either at networking or seeing a potential alliance’s truck parked outside a home, introduce yourself and see if you have a connection with them. If yes, then take their card and follow up with them so you can decide if the two of you can work together. You refer them, they refer you. Ask them if they pay referral fees if you find business for them. You might also consider giving referral fees to some of your best strategic alliances.

Many trades people leave their business cards in coffee shops or hardware stores. Take down the information and follow up and see if you want to work with them. You can also check out the classifieds in local newspapers as they often advertise in newspapers.

Before you make that final decision of who you want to have on your list of strategic alliances, meet with them for coffee and provide them with some of your marketing materials.

Take the time to really explain to them what it is you do and, find out what they really do. Request some of their literature or at the least their business card.

A word of caution: I don’t recommend that you ask a strategic alliance to quote your rates. Ask them to leave that to you, and do the same for them. There are many nuances to the home staging business and only you can make the call for the service charges.

It is best to have at least 3 strategic alliances for each category where you think you may be referring someone to your clients. You will need to have more painters and handymen or women who do small jobs as alliances as they are often booked up especially in summer months.

It’s good to have ‘low- to no-tolerance’ for any strategic alliance that you have referred who does not deliver what they have promised to your referral. You can decide if they ‘messed up’ once if that is acceptable to you or not. Any referral of an alliance that you give reflects on you and your business so the better the relationship is the better communication you will have between you, should you need to have ‘that chat’.

4. Many new home stagers say they do not have any strategic alliances and are at a loss as to where LIST OF STRATEGIC ALLIANCES Following is a list of many of the Strategic Alliances that you will need to help build your business.

  • Realtors
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Appraisers
  • Inspectors Builders
  • Painters
  • Handy Wo/Men
  • Renovators
  • Electricians
  • Contractors
  • Closet Maker Companies
  • House Cleaners
  • Window Cleaners
  • Carpet Cleaners
  • Flooring Companies
  • Window Treatment Suppliers
  • Glass/Door Companies
  • Equipment Rental stores for pressure washers, etc.
  • Kitchen & Bath Stores
  • Boutique Home D&eactue;cor Stores
  • Lighting Stores
  • Gardeners and Landscapers
  • Moving Companies
  • Storage Companies
It’s best to put a disclaimer in your list of strategic alliances stating something to this effect:

Our company has either personally used the services of our referred strategic alliances, or our clients have referred them to us stating they were reliable and provided a quality service to them. Each strategic alliance has his/her own business and is responsible for their own insurance, quotes and services provided to you. 

Most of the suppliers that you source from should give you a discount starting at 10%. The more you purchase from them, or refer business to them, the higher the discount can become. Typically you just need to show that you have an established business and fill out an application form with them. Many small companies such as yours starting out, will be asked to pay by credit card at the time of purchase. Once you become more established and if you operate with very large purchases then you would be invited to set up an account with your supplier so they would bill you monthly.

Always ask your supplier if they give discounts to stagers – they almost always will but only if you ask!

You may also find that some of your strategic alliances will not give you a monetary option but would rather work out an arrangement whereby you refer them to your clients and they refer you to their clients. The better relationship you have and the more referrals you can give a strategic alliance the more likely both business will grow and prosper.



Thinking of giving up? Think about using the Law of Attraction to attract clients!

Using the Law of Attraction has increased my staging and realtor coaching business exponentially! I’ve been using this universal law to attract more clients on a consistent basis and it is amazing how simple the process is. I said ‘simple’ not easy because we all have many bad habits and negative beliefs that actually hold us back from achieving the results we want.

Everyone in business wants to attract more clients – this is a fact but how you are going about doing it may not be attracting a)your ideal client or b) any clients at all.

As a Law of Attraction Success Coach I use a simple’ 3 step Law of Attraction approach to help my coaching clients get MORE OF WHAT THEY WANT and LESS OF WHAT THEY DON’T WANT.

It goes like this:

1. IDENTIFY WHAT you want. Be specific. Create a ‘Clarity through Contrast’ worksheet and write down on the CONTRAST side WHAT YOU DON’T WANT and on the right hand side under CLARITY WHAT YOU DO WANT.

2. Give your DESIRE ATTENTION. Create a vision board, notice where it is showing up in your life even when it is not 100% perfect, express gratitude, act ‘as if’ you already had it, look for the evidence of where this is possible for you, feel it happening in your body, get excited.

3. ALLOW IT TO MANIFEST. Remove as much doubt as you can and belief that the clients you want to attract are also seeking you. Reframe your old beliefs into positive, high serving thoughts and feeligs. Then let what you desire ‘go’ send it out to the Universe and expect this or something better to manifest in your life.

If you would like a Complimentary Law of Attraction coaching call complete our About You online form and we’ll get back with you to set up a 30 minute complimentary coaching call!

Expect the best and allow it to manifest!

Growing THROUGH Adversity


Several of my coaching clients have been experiencing ‘adversity’ this month or aka ‘lessons’ and wanted some advice and support as to how to handle certain situations. I decided to reuse this Feature Article that I wrote some time ago because it captures what I shared with them…

The Merriam-Webster dictionary says that adversity is a state, condition or instance of serious or continued difficulty. All of us solopreneurs in the home staging business have certainly faced situations that were full of adversity. In the beginning of your business you may not have learned the secrets to learning and growing from all the adverse business situations that come into your life. I am going to share some of those with you.

But first, let me tell you some stories about me that I have not shared with very many people because I was a bit embarrassed by them. When I first took my training I actually set the house on fire! When I did my very first redesign (home makeover for living) my client was horrified and put everything back that night! When I staged my first vacant my client refused to pay me the next month’s rent on the furnishings! I could go on but you get the picture. I was just starting out and all this adversity was staring me right in the face!


So how did I go from all these ‘first’ horrors to becoming as successful as I am today? Here are my secrets you can learn from:

  1. What if… you had an accident - when small accidents happen in my training course I have always just asked the group to stop, breathe and ask ‘Did anyone die?’ If not, then we decide how we can solve the problem. There is a solution to everything – focus on what the solution is. If you cannot fix what has been done, then let the client know and pay for the damages. It is usually less than your deduction anyway.
  2. What if… your client thinks you have charged too much - the best way to avoid this situation is to make sure you have provided a written estimate or quote that they have signed. That way everyone understands what the terms are, and when payment is expected i.e. upon completion or a deposit. You would have the terms on your quote. Every good home stager is worth her/his weight in gold. We do amazing work for very little money compared to the overall amounts of money that the home seller and Realtor will make!
  3. What if… your client does not want to pay you - in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich he describes a little girl who was sent to her mother’s employer to collect her pay cheque. The employer did not want to pay it. The little girl did not budge; she just kept saying I am waiting for payment. At one point it seemed that the employer was going to throw the little girl out, but still she did not budge. Finally the employer gave her the money and she went home. The moral of this story is stay the course – keep sending the emails, or making the phone calls to get what is rightfully yours. Whenever possible ask for your retainer before you start work!
  4. What if… the home seller does not take your suggestions - this situation happens very rarely because we all do fantastic work – right? Well it should be the case but it isn’t always. You know that you are an expert (or getting there) at what you do. Sometimes the home sellers and/or Realtors think they know better than us. Or worse yet, they only do part of what we have suggested and the rest of the house looks like a disaster even though they think they have staged it. Always do your BEST WORK and let it go. Focus on working with your ideal client who does exactly what you say and totally respects your work.
  5. What if… you forgot to charge for something - I know I am not the only one who has faced this adverse situation! In the beginning I didn’t really realize just how much work there was to staging a house! Training is one thing but actually doing the job on your own and being responsible for it, well that’s a whole other story. Just know that at times you are going to undercharge and there will also be those times where a staging job didn’t take you nearly as long as you thought it would and yet you were paid for it just the same. It all works out over time and it is great learning so that you do not make that mistake again!

Do not take these things personally - whenever we face adversity often the first thing we think of is to blame ourselves and call ourselves unpleasant names. Life happens to everyone and the best way to get on and walk on through is by knowing that you do not need to take these things personally. Remember that we all see situations through our own personal filters, just the way our clients do. Learn, grow and move on to attract the things you want to in your life.

Some fabulous Victoria BC home staging statistics!

Valerie Westra owner of At First Sight Staging in Victoria BC runs a very successful home staging business and she has the statistics to prove it! I had the pleasure of being Valerie’s coach and mentor last year and I love to keep in touch and watch her continue to grow and expand her business!

Valerie is part of a great collaborative home stagers and interior stylists group that are members of Josee LaLonde’s The Housse. I’ve had the pleasure of doing several home staging business workshops at The Housse and always enjoy this great group of talented women. The Housse was conceived to address the needs for a centralized resource to serve the unique problems facing the Vancouver Island home staging and design community. They provide a full-service rental inventory to their members and promote the value and importance of home staging through the education of home owners, realtors and developers.

Victoria Stagers & Stylists Certificate of Completion Marketing Course

Victoria Stagers & Stylists Certificate of Completion Marketing Course


Here is the latest 2013 statistics collected by The Housse, Victoria’s only resource center for Home Stagers and Interior Stylists. Based on 44 properties staged by Victoria’s Home Stagers, members of The Housse (including At First Sight Home Staging Solutions): 70.7% of the properties sold in an average of 3.8 weeks for an average cost of staging to the seller of $2100.

7 properties (out of the 44) staged by At First Sight this year which were listed prior to staging. They were on the market for an average of 17 weeks and did not sell. After staging, they sold at an average of 3.2 weeks!!!

According to VREB (Victoria Real Estate Board) data 85-88% of all monthly listings do not sell. The home staging statistics speak for themselves. At First Sight Home Staging brings great value and results to the sellers and real estate agents.

CONGRATS TO ALL THE VICTORIA STAGERS! And special thanks to Josee LaLonde of The Housse for getting these statistics from your members to share!

Did you know that Lack of Confidence is the leading excuse for procrastination, inaction and failure?


Confidence comes when you blast through your doubt and fears as you take your business to a new level. It requires the right mindset, taking action and trusting your intuition. Lack of confidence can stop the most passionate entrepreneur and it doesn’t matter if you are just starting your home staging business or have been successful for several years. You can create success for yourself starting exactly where you are right now. Anyone can take action in spite of doubt and fear – these are normal emotions in business that we all have. But, fear of failure or fear of success are not reasons for you not to take action.

Having the right mindset means telling that little negative voice in your head to take a hike. It’s really your ego trying to keep you just where you are. But your dream of creating a successful home staging business is what is going to propel you forward to take action in spite of the negative chatter. We all have what are called ‘panic attacks’ where we start thinking “Can I really do this? What was I thinking? Everything seems to be against me. No one is buying my staging services. They didn’t choose my company, I must be doing something wrong.” …and on and on it goes. STOP IT!

So you can continue to play ‘small’ or you can decide to blast through your fear to get over to the other side and start playing ‘BIGGER’. When you stop giving ‘fear’ the power over you, your life changes. You gain confidence, your muscles grow. You feel the success and you love it.

Fear will never go away but as you gain confidence you aren’t so depressed as you once were thinking you couldn’t accomplish something. By taking action you are going to be attracting new opportunities to your business. Things you may have never thought you would be doing sound good to you. Just do an intuitive check: Is this an opportunity or a distraction? You know the difference so be true to yourself.

Once you start investing positive energy into your ‘self’ you will start making progress. The confidence cycle starts all over again but each time you feel less afraid because you have proof that you can succeed. You have the right positive mindset, you have taken action and you used your intuition to determine if what you were thinking of doing was a real opportunity to grow or not.

As you continue to grow and try new things in your home staging business you will take your confidence to a new level. Forget about being told to ‘play it safe’, ‘it’s just a hobby for her’, it’s not a good time to take a risk’ – JUST GO FOR IT! When you take chances and they work, your confidence muscles start growing and growing.

Here are some TIPS on how you can grow your CONFIDENCE MUSCLES:

  • Really look at all the things you have accomplished each day. Focus on what % went well and not the mistakes – I have done 5 excellent staging jobs this month and the last one was not my best. Focus on the 5 not the 1.
  • Record your accomplishments daily – list 5 each day at night or first thing in the morning and celebrate them.
  • Keep a page of your favourite testimonials and read them before you meet with a realtor or home owner for a consultation.
  • Think about the best sales call you have ever had and ‘feel’ how good you felt, then make your phone calls.
  • If you did not reach your income goal for this year go back and see the accomplishments you did make and make some adjustments for this year. Look at where you did make money and congratulate yourself.
  • To build your confidence muscles celebrate even the smallest thing you did that you didn’t think you could do. Make it a habit and it will start to build inside you.

Confidence is organic – it grows. Whenever you take your business to a new level whether you are a newbie or not, fear will come up. Each time you accomplish a goal your build your confidence muscles. You become stronger and stronger in your authentic self.