Want to break into the staging television world? Here is an opportunity but you must live in the Toronto Area. You need to be a certified home stager or design professional to apply. Deadline is APRIL 22, 2013.



Are YOU or someone you know….
• A Design Professional/Home Stager who stages homes for resale?
• With a Big personality?
• And confident on camera?

‘MISSION: NO COMMISSION’ is Fusion Television’s new and exciting real estate series that focuses on the growing popularity of homeowners selling their properties privately.


- Credentialed Design/Home Staging professional
- Experience staging residential properties for resale
- Late 20s to early 40’s.
- Outspoken with definite design opinions
- Highly confident with Gregarious Personality
- Sense of Humour
- Live within 1 hour of The Greater Toronto Area


Please email the following must required materials to Casting Director, Sue Skinner, at,

2. A BIO or DESIGN/HOME STAGER RESUME Don’t forget your contact information!
3. A 2-3 minute VIDEO- chatting direct to camera, as your lively and outgoing, dynamic self, please give us a home tour while telling us your 3 best tips for staging a house for resale! We want to get a sense of your fun and memorable personality as well as your valuable staging tips.

*** Please have someone shoot the video for you and ensure there is ample light.
Videos in mov format, at least 40MB and sent through, or as a downloadable Vimeo or youtube video link.

Deadline for Video, Photo & Resume Submissions: APRIL 22, 2013.

Questions? Please contact Casting Associate, Vickie, at 905-937-1620 or


Hilary Farr of WNetwork ‘ Love It or List It’at the BC Home & Garden Show

Any woman who loves decorating, design and/or home staging watches lots of television shows of the experts showing us the latest trends, what’s in – what’s out, and they keep us up-to-date with the industry. You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy watching these shows – they’re fun, educational and entertaining. None more so for me than WNetwork’s Love It or List It! with Hilary Farr and David Visentin. One of my serious pet peeves with David’s listings is that they are almost NEVER STAGED and they look terrible! Hilary’s work is so remarkably incredible – tasteful, stylish, functional and with special touches of added value to the home seller/owner.

We all have our favourite television personalities and favourite shows and over the years I have enjoyed designers like Debbie Travis, Steven & Chris, Jane Lockhart, Candice Olsen, Sarah Richardson, etc. It’s such a treat when these tv personalities come to town and present at Home & Garden and design shows. It’s even more of a treat when you get to meet them in person.

Last week I spent several minutes hogging time with Hilary Farr because I admire her design ability, her people skills, her determination, her confidence and the fact as she says ” she loves giving her clients the ‘home’ that speaks to them and meets their needs.” I can relate to that. We are fortunate to have such talented women designers creating more beautiful spaces one home at a time.

Hilary Farr & Dana J. Smithers at the Vancouver Sun booth at the BC Home & Garden Show…

Hilary Farr of Love It of List It! Fame

DIY Home Staging Tips in Vancouver on CTV Morning Show February 1st

We hope you can join our Founder & Creative Director, Dana J. Smithers PRES Home Staging Expert on CTV Morning News show Wednesday February 1st. It’s a great way to kick off a month where many home sellers are getting serious about marketing their property. She’ll give you lots of TIPS on what you need to do to get your property ready for selling!

It’s a proven fact that staged homes sell faster and for more money than homes that are not staged. Because of the downturn in the economy many home sellers want to give home staging a try but aren’t always sure on what they need to do. Many have questions like ‘what’s the best Return-On-Investment? what paint colours are best for selling? do I need to change the flooring? if my property is vacant do I need to put furniture in it? and on and on the questions go!

If you can’t join us, the next best solution is to take a look at Dana’s eBook: DIY Getting Ready For An Open House in 10 Easy Steps! And if you really don’t think you can do this yourself – check out the PRES GRADUATES and Locate A Stager near you! For only a few hundred dollars you can get some of the best advice available to help you get top dollar for your property!

Vancouver Sun Article July 29 – Setting The Stage To Sell

PRES staging has been receiving a lot of fantastic PR the past few months about the benefits of home staging. Dana Smithers, founder & creative director of the PRES Staging Resource Centre has been interviewed for newsprint and television since her new book Start & Run a Home Staging Business was published by Self-Counsel Press.

The Vancouver Sun article – Setting The Stage To Sell gave some great tips to home sellers about what they need to focus on when they are selling. Alison Applebe a freelance writer for the Sun also interviewed Patti Houston of Fluff Rentals and Susan Evans of Home Suite Home Staging.

Van Sun At HOME - Setting The Stage To Sell

Van Sun AT HOME - Setting the Stage (2)

There are lots of resources on the PRES website for home sellers to tap into. If you are thinking about selling your house you can also check out Dana Smithers’ ebook DIY Home Staging – Getting Ready for An Open House in 10 Easy Steps! And something we hope you picked up from the article is that hiring a PRES home stager is not expensive. Especially when you compare it to the cost of not-staging your home and having it sit on the market!

Watch Dana Smithers on the Fanny Kiefer Studio 4 Show!

I had wanted to be on the Fanny Kiefer Studio 4 show for about 2 years. I have had it on my Vision Board and finally manifested that goal this week!

Any exposure for home staging is just great because while many home sellers and realtors understand how vital we are to the real estate community, some people still don’t buy in. When any of us have the opportunity to be on television or radio – just JUMP ON IT! We need to keep educating the public so that we continue to create more beautiful spaces around the world. Once we have staged a home, many home owners want that same look recreated in their new space. And we can do that for them and a whole lot more!

A little glitch in the interview...What’s a little funny on the Fanny Kiefer show is YIKES!!! they didn’t show the proper ‘After ‘photo of the 25 year old home but…there’s not much you can do when it’s live. LOL

I hope you enjoy watching the interview if you missed it. Lots of fun and Fanny Kiefer is a gracious, intelligent and fun host!

Fanny Kiefer & Dana Smithers on Studio 4

Watch me on Fanny Kiefer Studio 4 Shaw TV Today!

I am totally excited to be on the Fanny Kiefer Studio 4 show today! The live show is at 9am I’m scheduled to be on at 9:40. The show then repeats at 1pm, 4pm and 9pm if you can’t make the early one! I’ll be talking about my new book Start & Run a Home Staging Business and about why sellers need to stage their home to get top dollar, and to sell sooner than homes that are not staged.

If you do miss it they put it up on You Tube (I’ll get the link) and/or you can go to Studio 4 and catch the last week’s worth of Studio 4 episodes.

Off to get dressed:)

Home Stager Interviewed on Global TV & Shaw TV

As a pioneer in the home staging industry it’s my duty to promote and educate the public on the benefits of home staging. It is a proven fact that staged homes sell for more money and sooner than homes that are not staged.

In January I created my 2011 Vision Board with Fanny Kiefer Studio 4 Interview in my Feng Shui Bagua Career section. I did this a few years ago as well but I knew I needed to write a book Start & Run a Home Staging Businessto get on the show, and so I did! My Vision Board has manifested into a real live interview for me with Fanny Kiefer of Studio 4 on Wednesday July 6th and I am excited!

Fanny Kiefer in my Career Section of my Vision Board

Here’s the story of how all this great PR has come about:

My publicist Sarah Yu of Self-Counsel Press pitched my book Start & Run a Home Staging Business to the National Post and I wrote several blog posts for them on home staging tips.

From there the Vancouver Sun editor liked the stories and decided to have a freelance writer Alison Applebe come and do an interview with me. This article should be in the Sun early July in their HOME section.

Sarah then got me a television spot on a local show Global TV and I again talked about the benefits of home staging while promoting my book.

I then used all this media/PR information when I wrote my own pitch to Ian MacKenzie to get on Fanny’s show. This was on my ‘bucket list’ and I felt I could manifest it in time. So at 9am on Wednesday July 6th I have the pleasure of sitting across the table from Fanny Kiefer whom I totally admire for her professionalism, her busy savvy, and her overall brilliance as a women entrepreneur.

I will be talking about the benefits of home staging for home sellers and my intention is to promote it so well that many of the PRES graduates have home sellers calling them to help them stage their home. Of course I hope to attract some potential new students for my PRES Staging & Redesign course offered the week of July 11th.

If you want more information about creating your own Vision Board as a home stager, go to my Archived eNewsletters in January 2011 and download the Feng Shui Western Bagua which is how I create my boards. You don’t need to use the bagua at all, it’s just a guide.