Tips For Launching Your Home Staging Business

So, you’ve finally listened to that little voice telling you to follow your dreams and become a home stager and redesigner. You paid your tuition, completed your program and framed your certificate.  You did it! You are finally on your way to having an exciting career in design.  Now all you need to do is start your own business and find your first client.

This may seem like an insurmountable task. Starting a business is not for the faint of heart!  However, with a little thought and planning you will feel more confident. Here are some helpful tips to get you on your way.

  1. Reserve your domain name first.

    Make sure when you are choosing a name for your business you check to make sure that the domain is available for the name you wish to use.  You don’t want to make the mistake of registering your business with the government only to find out that the domain name is unavailable.

  2. Build a stunning website.

    One of the most powerful marketing tools you will have will be your website. It will be the home of your portfolio, where potential clients can find out more about you and where they can interact with your brand 24/7.  If you don’t possess the necessary skills to create your own site, you will need to invest in having this created for you by a competent web designer.

    This will likely be one of the most expensive steps to starting your own business.  However, in a visual business like staging you need to represent your business professionally online.

  3. Network with realtors in your desired area.

    Realtors are the lifeblood of a stager’s business. Do some research and make a list of some realtors you would like to work with.  Invite them for coffee to discuss a mutually beneficial business relationship.

  4. Design business cards that compliment your brand and have them printed in large quantities.

    If you are serious about promoting your business, you will need more business cards than you think; 500 is a good number to start with. You never know when you might meet someone who is interested in your services or knows someone who needs your help. A business card contains all pertinent contact information and should be designed to reflect your company style.

  5. Create a one-page business plan.

    A business plan doesn’t need to be overly formal or long unless you are planning to approach lenders and partners with it.  This business plan is for you.  It is a roadmap for you to use to guide you through the days and weeks ahead.

A business should at least contain these three elements:

  1. What you are wanting to achieve with your business.
  2. How you are going to find your clients. What marketing strategies you will implement.
  3. How much money you will need to start your business and what you are expecting to earn from your business.

These are just a few ideas to help you get your business started. With a little preparation, you will be on your way to having the business of your dreams.

Networking… Your Best Marketing Tool

We all know the importance of knowing the “right people”. People who are connected to your potential clients who can personally use your services and/or refer others to you. A network is the quickest and most efficient way to make these connections.

There are many different groups out there. There are women’s groups, industry specific groups as well as groups for home stagers and designers. It is important to go to several of these groups first as a guest to see which ones are worth your investment of both time and money.

Here are a few benefits of joining a business network:

  1. A network is like an unpaid sales team working for you when you are busy doing other things.
  2. A network generates referrals which will eventually lead to increased sales.
  3. It expands the number of individuals who know about you and your business.
  4. It is a great way to keep you motivated in your business. Talking to other business owners inspires new ideas and provides a wealth of experience to draw from.
  5. It helps you to define your business more clearly as you are continually practicing your pitch to other members.
  6. You are able to gain valuable business advice from other more experienced business owners.
  7. On a more personal level, networking forms friendships. One of the perks of frequently attending networking groups is that some of your contacts will actually become your friends and it is always nice to see a friendly face in the crowd when you attend networking events.

Setting Your Intentions — Your PRES Top 10!

In your business there are many universal laws at work. One of them is the ‘Law of Intention’ which is based on the fact that…

there is always an infinite amount of energy and information
present to create whatever you want.

What this means for you as a home staging entrepreneur is that first you need to decide ‘what’ you want, take some ‘action steps’ to create it, and ‘believe by feeling’ that you can create it. Spend some time visualizing what you want and ‘acting as if’ you already had achieved what you want. Another little twist on this type of thinking, is that you also have to let your idea of exactly how this has to show up in your life – go.

What might some of your intentions be at this time of year? Take a look at this list for home staging entrepreneurs and feel what resonates with you. Use the following phrase in front of each one below and you will know whether or not it’s something you really ‘intend’ to do or not. If you don’t get a good feeling from it, decide if it is something you don’t need to do at this time or is there some resistance coming up around it that you might want to examine more closely?

I (insert your first name) intend to:

1.     Review my 2013 Revenue Streams to date to determine where my sales came from. Once I do this I can decide what areas I need to focus on more or let go. My main source of revenues is from (fill in the blank) and I plan on increasing this by x%.

2.     Put systems into place that allow my business to flow more easily and free up time for work I need to do. I intend to delegate where it makes sense to pay someone to do things I do not do well and/or no longer want to do because I make more money doing other work I love.

3.     Have more balance in my life – create time for family and friends – my business is part of a healthy life but not my whole life focus. Take good care of myself having ‘me time’ so that I feel refreshed and am happy and productive doing the work I love.

4.     Complete a 90 day marketing plan that I can easily follow so that my ‘sales funnel’ is never empty and I am always attracting more new clients. One of my key tactics will be to (fill in the blank – network more, do more social media, secure some speaking engagements, have more ‘get to know me’ meetings, etc).

5.     Create more strategic alliances this year so that others (my unpaid sales force) can refer me. I will focus on having excellent relations with my alliances so we can both cross promote.

6.     Follow up with past clients to build stronger relationships this year and let go of relationships that drain me energetically and financially. Use more stay-in-touch tactics that are more personal than just emails/blogs/posts.

7.     Revisit my ‘ideal client list’ so that I am totally clear on who my target audience is and how to market and attract them. With new clarity I can find more opportunities and inject some new interest in my work and do some out-of-the-box marketing.

8.     Continue taking professional development courses, reading books, attending trade shows and conferences that help me grow personally and professionally.

9.     Pick up the phone more and meet with more potential clients and clients in person – and limit the number of texts and emails I am a slave to. These actions will allow me to be more engaging and sustain longer term relationships.

10. Determine when the time is right to hire a coach/mentor who can help me take my business to the next level.

If you do not set your intentions someone else will, so try and do this on a daily basis and you will be absolutely amazed at the results. They will change your life.

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  • You feel overwhelmed with all the ideas you’ve heard about marketing and don’t know the best ones for your home staging and styling business.

  • You dream about being able to understand enough marketing to help build your business.

  • Despite your best efforts, it’s hard to get your staging business off the ground and are getting frustrated at the lack of results so far.

  • The thought of “marketing” makes you want to hide under the covers and hope, because you have a website, that clients will just call you!

  • You have the passion and the drive but lack the marketing know-how and business tools you need to build a successful 6-figure home staging business.

If any of the above resonates with you . . . you are in the right place!

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Module 1

Understanding How Marketing Grows Your Business

  • Learn what marketing is and more importantly, what it is not so you can stop spinning your wheels
  • Discover how ‘push and pull’ marketing both work when attracting ideal clients
  • Find out how to build your list and why this is critical to your on-going success
  • Learn hundreds of marketing tactics you can use both ‘online and offline’
Module 2

Identifying your Ideal Client & Your Message

  • Gain clarity on exactly what your service and/or product offerings are and learn why ‘packaging’ is a key component to long-term success
  • Learn the 4 key areas you need to use to identify your ideal client
  • Explore your brand ‘message’ and USP; learn how to make it more effective to get the results you seek
  • Create a position statement that will boost you as an expert in your field even with little experience
Module 3

The Top 1 – 3 BEST Marketing Strategies

  • Find out how and why networking allows potential clients to ‘know you, like you and trust you’ — create your infomercial and gain confidence
  • Speaking Engagements are the vehicle for you to be seen and heard; learn how to find them, how to get them and when to do them
  • Discover the key ingredients to a successful professional website; gain ideas to creating your irresistible offer and your enewsletter sign up on your website
  • Understand how these 3 marketing tactics contribute to successful list (or tribe) building and why you need them in your funnel
Module 4

The Top 4 – 6 BEST Marketing Strategies

  • Stay-In-Touch marketing; this single strategy will ensure you stay ‘engaged’ with your potential clients and existing clients
  • Social Media; how to make the most of your time and stop wasting precious energy on doing it the wrong way and on the wrong sites
  • Trade Shows; the in’s and out’s of gaining market share; learn which shows are the best, when to do them, and where
  • Discover how to get a great ROI as a participant or an attendee
Module 5

The Top 7 – 10 BEST Marketing Strategies

  • Learn how to train your ‘unpaid sales force’ to give you ‘raving fan testimonials through WOM (word of mouth) referrals
  • Find out why Open Houses provide a great opportunity to market your business
  • Discover why taking part in Charities/Auctions/Golf Tournaments can greatly enhance your business image and reputation
  • Your articles/e-articles can quickly make you the ‘perceived’ or ‘real’ expert in your field; learn what appeals to your ideal client and how to engage them
Module 6

Developing Your Marketing Wheel and 90 Day Marketing Plan

  • Determine your Top 10 BEST marketing tactics
  • Review a sample 90 Day Marketing Plan
  • Create your unique marketing wheel from your Top 10 BEST marketing tactics
  • Create your 90 Day Marketing Plan
  • Understand how to use the Law of Attraction in creating your business success


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Read what some of the course students have to say …

What I found most helpful was the top 3 BEST marketing strategies lesson. That lesson inspired me to take the plunge and hire a part time assistant to be consistent with follow up with realtors and home owners. The template Dana provided made it easier for me to focus and clearly define the type of ideal clients I feel best suited to work with. The MP4 downloads were fantastic – templates were all very well laid out and easy to follow. With my NOW very BUSY home staging business I can come back to these webinar audio materials and review when the time best works with my schedule.

Since I took Dana’s Top 10 BEST Marketing Strategies I am more focused and my business direction is more defined. I have always been passionate about educating home owners and realtors how they can best prepare their properties for today’s real estate market. In the past I have hosted talks in libraries, banking institutions and coffee shops but now since Dana’s course it’s really super exciting because I had a call from a realtor team and they are hosting a private function for all their clients and invited me as a guest speaker WOOOOOOOO!!

If you are sitting on the FENCE with your business this marketing seminar may turn your business from part-time to full- time as long as your prepared to take ACTION and follow some simple and positive suggestions!

PS: Thank you from the bottom of my HEART! Your PASSION and ENTHUSIASM to help home stagers & designers to SUCCEED is AMAZING!

Louise Henry – Pair Home Design


I’ve taken several of the PRES professional development courses and recently the webinar on Top 10 BEST Marketing Strategies. It was the best course I’ve ever taken!

I was already working on my marketing plan and this course provided many ideas that I decided to implement immediately.

I have set up a Client Appreciation Night with strategic alliances and have had a fantastic response to that event. I’m also doing a trade show at a women’s expo which will attract my ideal client. Because Dana said it’s smarter to continue to market to past clients I have been reconnecting with past clients and potential clients who have been opening my enewsletters.

Also having my website critiqued by a web developer expert Susan Friesen of eVision Media was a major bonus and I already started making changes. And did I mention a bonus follow-up call with Dana? After finishing the course Dana provided an extra bonus coaching call to help me prioritize my strategies for the next month and also gave me additional ideas about my events. I feel inspired and ready to grow my brand! The investment for any of the PRES staging training courses has always been worth it!

Valerie Westra – At First Sight Staging


After taking some time off from building my Home Staging Business, I knew some of the marketing strategies I applied previously, would not work as efficiently today. Dana’s Top 10 Best Marketing Strategies for Stagers and Stylists course was just what I needed. It allowed me to review some past material covered in her home staging course plus so much more.

She focused on all the key points I need to learn and embrace like social media and improving my website presence in 2013. I now have at my disposal all the up to date marketing strategies I will ever need to refer back to thanks to all your wonderful templates and handouts, whenever I need it.

Joanne Mackay – Ocean Breeze Staging


If you have any questions at all about this online course offering, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we’ll be happy to answer!

To your business success,

Dana J. Smithers

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BNI Vancouver is looking for a designer and a home stager…interested?

BNI (Business Network International) is a professional networking and marketing organization specializing in word-of-mouth-referrals. This well-tested organization has more than two decades of experience, and is international in scope. BNI is the world’s largest business referral organization of its kind – with over 5600 chapters in more than 44 countries – including Canada, USA, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. There are currently more than 250 chapters across Canada, located in most major communities – with 27 chapters located right here in the Lower Mainland. For additional information, and member testimonials, please visit the BNI website for local chapters.

On October 17th you are invited to attend a VISITOR’S NIGHT at BNI CITY LIGHTS!

At present, there is JUST ONE BNI DINNER CHAPTER in Canada, making it a great opportunity to consider BNI City Nights – while positions are still available. Membership is limited to one position for each area of business specialty. BNI City Nights has been around since 2008 and generates $1,000’s of dollars of business each month for its members. They invite you to see for yourself who is involved and how they are benefiting, explore how to expand your business through potential membership, and perhaps even submit an application to join.

If you are interested in attending and learning more about BNI City Nights, please CONTACT Marci Deane at 604-816-8950. She will reserve you a seat and add your name to the guest list.

Date: Wednesday October 17, 2012
Registration: 6:00 pm – 6:15 pm
Meeting Time: 6:15 – 7:45 pm (please arrive early to register & network)
Location: 1100 Granville Street, Vancouver
Inside the Chateau Granville – Best Western Plus Hotel
Meeting Cost: $25 includes your meal!

You will be given an opportunity to promote yourself and your business, so please prepare a short 60 second “infomercial” that details your name, business name, and what products or services you provide. Also, please bring plenty of business cards – there will be several local business owners and professionals to network with that day!

There are also other BNIs who are looking for home stagers like BNI Upper Levels. They meet every Wednesday at 7AM at the Northland Golf Club in North Vancouver. For more information contact Eva Assoignon at 604-785-3205.