Vacant Condo Not Staged – NO SALE; Vacant Condo Staged – SALE!

PRES Stager Tamara MacDonald of TWEAK Home Staging had the opportunity to stage a vacant condo that had been on the market for a month with no offers and guess what? You guessed it – Tweak staged it and within a week of staging, the seller received two offers – buyers were NOW showing interest!

Yet the story goes on…

However, neither offer was at a price the seller was willing to accept. As the seller was quite determined to receive a certain price for the condo, they had made up their mind to rent the condo if it didn’t sell at the end of the second month. Well as it turned out, in the final week, they received two offers and a bidding war was on! Only 4 weeks after staging, the seller ended up selling for a price they were very happy with!

Tweak LR After

Often sellers are torn between renting a property or selling a property, and it is important to realize that even if this condo had not sold, the seller was in a much better position to ask for a higher rent by having it staged so it showed beautifully!

Tweak DR After

Why Staging Works to Attract Renters
In fact the seller was already searching for a suitable renter (just in case!), and everyone who viewed the condo wanted to know if she would rent it furnished! What a great compliment! FYI – Tweak’s home staging inventory is always available for sale if a buyer is interested.

Small Patio After

Want to buy the staging furniture? You can!
If you are considering selling your property or renting your investment property, give a PRES home stager a call and if you live on the North Shore give Tweak Home Staging a call!

How To Select Rental Furnishings For Vacant Home Staging

During the 5 day PRES signature Home Staging Training course, we train in one of the largest rental showrooms in Vancouver, Fluff Rentals. One of the advantages is that students get real hands-on experience and learn the process involved with selecting rental furnishings.

I’m happy to share the PRES Vacant Home Staging process that we use when renting from Fluff Designs. Of course there are variations on this method and your rental supplier may work differently with you and your clients!


1. Take photos of each room or area
2. If there is a floor plan work with this as well – if not, hand sketch a floor plan- *For computer software space planning you can try “Better Homes and Gardens Home Designer Suite” by Chief Architect for about $100. Another program is ‘Dream Draper” – . For more sophisticated software try what the design industry uses such as Autocad, Vectorworks and Sketch-up.
3. Print your photos ( 4x 6 or 5 x 7) in mat finish and put them on paper 8 /12 by 11
4. Determine by looking at the photos what you need in each room/area – start making a list room by room of everything you need in it e.g. living room needs a sofa, 2 chairs, coffee table, 2 end tables, 2 lamps or 1 table lamp and 1 floor lamp, area rug 5 x7, tall plant, 3 small vases with twigs accessories, 1 large piece of art, 2 small pieces of art,
5. Once you have your room list make an Item List indicating which room/area it is for e.g. Furniture – sofa – living room, 2 chairs, living room; Lamps – ,
6. Source the furniture using your ‘colour story’ as your basis – sometimes a piece of art can be a good starting point and/or your colour scheme – big pieces first eg. Sofa, chairs, dining room table and chairs, then plants/florals/trees then smaller accessories. Accessories can take a long time so give yourself lots of time to do all of the sourcing.

Fluff Tour Students Looking at Accessories & Art

Students’ tour looking at accessories and art.

Fluff Sofas and Casegoods – such a great selection

Students’ tour looking at sofas and casegoods.

7. The Fluff team will give you sticky notes to designate your selection and a trolley/cart. Tag the bigger pieces of furniture and the rest goes on the trolley/cart.
8. Once you have selected your items let the Fluffians know and they will make up a quote for you. If all looks good with the quote (within the budget you were working with) go ahead and have them send it to your client. (It is best not to send them the itemized list as they won’t know what it means)
9. The client signs the rental agreement and pays for the first month rentals. You can decide if you want to bill the client directly for the rentals and perhaps mark up the rentals, OR you can have your client deal directly with Fluff.
10. You request Fluff to set up the movers for the delivery. Let them know what day and find out what time they will arrive. Let your client know this.
11. When the movers arrive on the delivery day they will start to bring in your order – have them put the furniture where you want it and start unpacking the bins.
12. You will sign for the delivery and your installation work is finished once you have everything set up.
13. Make sure you have determined a place for storage for all the bins, etc. and not in a spare bedroom – check closets or the garage.
14. Keep in touch with your client to find out when the property is sold. You then need to arrange for the movers to come and pick everything up and you put the smaller items back into the bins.

Fluff Art Selection for Color Story

It’s a good idea to select art from the same family.